Excellence vs. Perfection

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I see too many people beating themselves up for not being perfect traders. That’s really sad because being a great trader and achieving the gains you desire isn’t about trading perfectly. In fact, expecting perfection often delays progress for years. When I talk to the most successful traders I know, they call their trading a culmination of errors that usually result in a profit, and I’d have to agree.

Let’s look at this rationally for a minute. Doing everything perfectly is impossible. You will make mistakes and you will have unforeseen challenges no matter how good you are. So stop worrying about being perfect and stop beating yourself up when you are not. All that does is put you in a downward spiral that leads to a lack of confidence, unneeded stress and fear; all of which adversely affects your trading.

Instead, try a different strategy. Strive for excellence. Go for constant and never ending improvement in your trading. Reward yourself any small progress you make and use it as a measurement to improve upon. By reinforcing good decisions and looking for improvements you are constantly learning, building confidence and becoming a better trader. Remember mistakes and challenges will happen. It’s what you do with them that make the difference.

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