The bootcamp is run by Justin Spero, a seasoned SMB trader known not only for his consistency in trading, but also for his exceptional teaching and coaching skills.

It’s already a rare and extremely valuable thing to have the opportunity to be mentored by a professional trader on SMB’s desk, given our success as a top proprietary trading firm. But it’s even better to be trained by one of SMB’s most consistent traders, AND flat out phenomenal trading coach who has transformed the trading of numerous traders that he’s mentored. 


Small Group Mentoring

Justin accepts only 10 traders in the bootcamp, to allow for maximum personal attention to each trader and greater guidance and support to each trader.

Initial 1-on-1 Strategy Session

Get an initial 1-on-1, Zoom-based strategy session prior to the start of the bootcamp. You will complete an intake form that assesses YOUR strengths, weaknesses, obstacles, and goals. And then you will get a 1 hour 1-on-1 meeting directly with Justin, where your main issues and goals will be discussed, with a resulting overall strategy for working on overcoming the issues and achieving the goals, both for the 4 weeks of the bootcamp and beyond.

Special Playbook Training Program & Initial Private Workshop

You will receive Justin’s entire Playbook (i.e.7 of his trading setups) which will dive into all of his setups in exact, step-by-step detail, with specific chart examples. Justin will also host a workshop where you will gain the opportunity to ask any questions you want about his Playbook.


You will be given a trading journal to fill out daily which will be shared automatically with Justin. This means that your trading on any particular day will be seen AND graded directly by Justin, who will be continuously assessing how you’re trading and what you need to improve. You will also be required to stick to risk management rules.

Live Premarket Prep Work

Every trading day at 9:00am EST a live group, 30-minute premarket session with Justin will be held. Justin will share his best trade ideas, the trades he is watching, and his process for finding them. Also, Justin will ask the traders in the group to share their top trading idea for the day and he’ll provide specific feedback on them.

Live Midday Session

Each day at 11:30am EST the group will reconvene in another 30-minute live broadcast to review the morning session, discuss the key trades that were available, while more importantly strategizing the best trading opportunities for the afternoon session.

training session

Live End of Day Analysis & Performance Coaching

After the close, the group will meet again for 1 hour. First, Justin will go over all of his trades for the day, going into detail about why he took them, what he was seeing, and how he managed them. Then, a trader from the group will have the special opportunity to present the trades they took from the trading session.

Ongoing Accountability Groups

At the end of the bootcamp, traders will have the option of being placed into smaller accountability groups (based on location and timezone). Through these groups they will have shared journals so that they can provide each other with ongoing accountability.

*The Fast Track program is only available to SMB trainees who have completed the DNA and Winning Trader programs.


Justin's program feedback

Justin's program Feedback by Byron

This training was a ahah moment for me. very easy set up to follow. Before the training i was not consistent. This training gave me the confidence that i can actually become a real trader. i will implement what i have learned and continue to be better everyday. And hopefully become a professional full time intraday trader.

- Judin

Absolutely necessary if you want to take trading seriously. He is patient, gives you his time, and exceeds your expectations. He was even answering my questions on the weekend. Justin is a great mentor and I recommend this program to all serious traders.

- Stuart

*Testimonials are not compensated