SMB Scalp Radar

The Game-changing Trade Detection Tool That Finds Scalping Opportunities For You

The Scalp Radar is a unique trading tool that detects 5 of our most robust scalping setups in real-time, several minutes ahead of them triggering, giving you time to stalk the trade and execute like the pros.

Trader looking at his computer

Scalping, based on in our 2 decades of experience training traders, is your opportunity to become consistently profitable faster and easier than any other path.

The SMB Scalp Radar includes:

  • Lifetime access to training videos on each of the 5 scalps. 
  • Cheat Sheets that detail the systematic entry, stop and exit rules of each of the 5 scalps (plus extra execution details)
  • Lifetime access to a private scalping discord community of serious traders using the SMB Scalp Radar to learn how to scalp like our elite traders, and find robust trading opportunities daily.
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