The issue that might be holding you back as a trader

You make a profitable trade and then groan that you were not big enough. If you could just trade your best trades bigger, you would make much more! But then you also find an A+ setup (your favorite trades), put on max risk, take a loss, and then grumble that you should have lost less. I certainly have been there.  … Read More

8 Keys to Profiting as a Trader During Volatile Market Conditions

There is soooo much opportunity during volatile market conditions and you are not capturing it.  You hear stories of how much money traders are making.  And you are not one of them. This can be *very* frustrating.  I hear this from traders of all levels when they are not cashing in when volatility jumps. Often the reason is their approach … Read More

Weekend learning lessons for traders to improve your trading

You want to start improving as a trader, but you are not sure how to.  And the weekend is a perfect opportunity for you to work on improving your trading, but you are not sure where to start. Moreover, the market has been extra volatile this past week and you are not sure how to attack it responsibly.  You know … Read More

14 keys to proper position sizing to grow your trading account

You make a great trade, but then lament that your trading position was too small. You take a loss on a trade, and then grieve that your trading position was too big. If you could just get your position sizing right, then you could start making significant profits. Then you could have a realistic chance to become a CPT- Consistently … Read More