Weekend learning for traders from our prop desk

Let me offer some videos for you to watch for some weekend learning for your trading from our prop desk. Our study when markets are closed is a true measure of our passion for trading.  It is Saturday, I am at the office, and I am working on how we can improve as a trading firm.  Our culture at SMB … Read More

Quant Webinar Replay

In our first SMB Quant webinar, Jeff Holden introduced us to the processes used by traders at our firm to build models in CloudQuant (CQ). Watch the webinar replay and stay tuned for the next SMB Quant webinar hosted by desk trader, @andrewfalde Register here for updates about SMB Quant

The trading technique to improve results for a top day trader

In this post, I will teach a trading technique to help you make more, increase your enjoyment and lower stress during each trading session. Have you ever sat there as a trader working longer, fighting harder and with worsening results?  Would you like to learn a trading technique employed by our firm to solve this problem? An experienced 7-figure trader, … Read More

SMBU’s Options Tribe Webinar: Ed Tulauskas of Random Walk Trading: Trading $SPX Weekly Options

Ed Tulauskas of Random Walk Trading returns to the Options Tribe to discuss weekly $SPX options trading strategy using options three to four weeks out from expiration to generate income. He will share a recent example and tools to reduce risk and increase the profit zone on the on either side of the trade. These tools will include additional butterfly hybrids, stacked butterflies, and layering while controlling margin.

Trade with us in NYC this Summer… here’s how

The SMB Summer Sabbatical, now in its second year is growing and gaining in popularity. An annual event that gathers traders to train, teach and learn side-by-side with some of the best and brightest traders in the world. This opportunity offers traders an opportunity to learn strategies and gain an in-depth understanding of the processes and skills of top traders … Read More