Trading the pot stocks with Sympathy Plays

A working thesis by some traders on the desk today was to watch the pot names and try and catch Sympathy Plays. From one of our traders to his Team last night jumpstarting idea generation: The pot stocks were moving. This is a theme Curt and I have been monitoring since CGC came out with earnings. CGC has been the … Read More

How do I get hired as a trader?

Hi Mike! Firstly – a big thanks for all you do to give back to the trading community. Your books, videos, and podcast appearances have been a great inspiration and also awesome learning opportunities. A bit of background, I have been trading full time for the past 3 years, at a prop firm and hedge fund (edited). In March, this … Read More

This trader’s trading solution is right in front of him

A trader wrote to me and asked……. In the months of May, June, & July I truly found some traction with my intra-day setups, and my consistency, win-rates, execution, and sizing were all improving. Most days, I would average-out anywhere from $1k-$2k+ of profits, typically within the first hour of the session using a trade I have tagged the Open … Read More

Weekend learning for traders from SMB

Here are the top learning links from us this week.  We hope they help your trading. 3 trade examples using our most effective trading indicator- Reading the Tape Why do stocks completely reverse on Day 2 How to think about Reading the Tape This trader wants it all and wants it now Two different paths to improved trading consistency How … Read More

This trader wants it all and wants it now

Hi Mike, I hope you are doing well. I am reaching out to you because I am struggling a bit, having kind of a rough month so far. After having brought my monthly p/l back to break-even on good momentum the day before yesterday, I had a ytd top 3 loss yesterday: 1.5% of my trading equity or ~23k €. … Read More

SMBU’s Options Tribe Webinar: Ophir Gottlieb of Capital Market Laboratories: Identifying the Impact of Stock Gaps, and the Timing of Directional and Non-Directional Options Strategies to play Volatility And Momentum

This week, Ophir Gottlieb of Capital Market Laboratories returns to the Options Tribe to cover a number of important options trading considerations including the impact of earnings gaps, momentum, and the timing of directional and non-directional options strategies relative to momentum and volatility.