Improve your trading this weekend with these proven educational videos

How to use this effective technical indicator to exit profitable trades (9 EMA) Options Strategies: Hot to Take Advantage of Election Volatility The Trap of Recency Bias Do this one thing to increase your trading profits Traders4ACause Free Online Educational Event for the Trading Community (Oct 17-18) Important disclosures

What is the optimal mindset to be in while trading? (Trading Psychology)

What is the optimal mindset to be in while trading? I posed this question to the trading community and you can see many savvy responses to this essential question here.  If you do not get this part right, then you will never reach your trading potential.  This might keep you from moving from losing money to becoming a Consistently Profitable … Read More

Improve YOUR trading this weekend with these proven educational videos

Spotting when other traders are screwed Options Strategies: Use the Right Tool for the Job How to Effectively Trade the Highest Volatility Stocks  The Smartest Dumb Trade You’ll Ever Make (technical analysis) Everything you NEED to Know Before Placing a Trade (assuming you don’t want to fail as a trader) Trading psychology: You have to perform Important disclosures

Why not YOU? Why not you TODAY?

My son and I have been watching the Yankees playoff games fanatically.  And we have started our only little inside cheer.  This cheer is similar in words and in spirit to what I often cheer to our promising new and junior traders. This inside cheer started during the regular season.  It started with us rooting for unproven players. You might … Read More

You have to perform (honest talk to traders)

I wrote the tweet above recently.  Let me say this again, as someone who has hired and trained traders since 2005 at SMB Capital, our proprietary trading desk in NYC: Trading is a performance sport.  At a certain point, you have to perform. (What No One Tells You About How To Become An Elite Trader (surprisingly) Not too long ago, … Read More

Thinking in R(s) may be what you need to improve your trading

One day each month, we block off time for each trader to present their monthly review.  Today is that day. Themes often develop during these reviews as to what is working for many traders on the desk.  Today a theme emerged for many of the developing traders.  And that theme can help your trading. Junior traders or developing traders often … Read More