Notes from our desk’s discussion with visiting trader Alex Temiz

Alex Temiz, @AT09_Trader , visited SMB for an informal Q&A. Joseph Gelb, interning with us from Princeton, produced these notes for the trading community of our desk’s discussion with Alex. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do now? -Alex is 23 and has been trading for a little more than four and a half years. -“The … Read More

TOTD – Context is Critical

We hope you learn something as we share trades from our new Futures Desk as a Trade of The Day! Today we’re focused on using Market Profile to frame an awesome contextual view in the ES Futures. Let’s dive in. Context is critical. It allows us to see the circumstances in which intraday trade is developing within! This, again, is critical. We’re going … Read More

How To Build Systems That Are Less Likely To Break

In the Options and Systems Workshop, we are discussing ways to improve the reliability of our trading. Three main themes of our weekly meetings include … Contrasting edges (e.g. expansion and reversion trades on at the same time) True diversification of exposure (low correlation of fundamental drivers)  Stress testing instead of optimizing (try to break strategies until you can’t — … Read More

“Clip that!”: Maximizing your best trading

Thank you to Dr. Steenbarger for sharing this article on how and why the Warriors excel in the 3rd quarter.  The coaches prepare video clips from the first half, during the first half, of the team playing at their best.  Coaches instruct video staff to “Clip that” of best plays and prepare it to be watched at half-time by the … Read More

TOTD – Try Again!

We’ve gotten great feedback as we share trades from our new Futures Desk as a Trade of The Day! Today we’re back in my realm- that is, using Market Profile! Simple lesson today. Sometimes trades try and work, then fail. BUT…. then they set up again! I like to see my guys stick with their game plans, and refrain from recency bias … Read More

TOTD- Simple S&P Scalp

It’s time for the Futures Desk Trade of The Day! Have you guys noticed one of the key themes of most of the TOTD’s from our desk? For me it’s that the trades are not rocket science, and in fact they are quite simple. The key things I see in the posts so far as I study our own traders … Read More

Do you train traders who do not make it?

A trading friend on twitter asked: and then followed up with: @MikeBellafiore Of course we have traders who do not make it with our trading desk and transition into a new job.  One thing very important to our firm is to “love them on the way in” and “love them on the way out”.  When someone is not successful on … Read More

SMB Futures TOTD – 5/24/18

It’s time for the Futures Desk Trade of The Day! Today the trade is from yours truly. It wasn’t a monster winner, but it was a quality trade from start to finish. CL (crude oil futures) A good entry according to premarket plans and key levels Quality profit taking when given the opportunity Aggressive add given the context of the … Read More