A Walk in Boston with 3 Experienced Traders Giving Back

Let me share a video jam-packed with trading advice and wisdom for developing and experienced traders.  Three experienced traders are interviewed for this video, who have experience both as professional traders, but also mentoring traders.  I make this distinction because the addition of their experience mentoring traders means they have spent significant time thinking of how best to communicate important … Read More

10 Trading Lessons from Elite Prop Trader Shark

Shark sat down for an in-depth interview with Chat with Traders.  Shark is one of the best traders in our trading space, let alone our prop trading firm.  This is the first one-on-one interview he has ever given for the trading community.  It has been so much fun watching him grow as a trader.  We are so grateful to have … Read More

How to maximize your time with an experienced trader (change idea)

In this post you will learn: How to maximize your time with an experienced trader. You have many of the trading answers you need to improve. Be dilligent because that’s who stands out to successful traders. A potential new video series for the trading community on our YouTube channel. A friend/trading colleague, @austinmitchyblu, reach out and asked for me to … Read More