Benefits of the Daily video

Learn best practices we are using to improve as traders on our prop desk.

Gain exposure to trade setups with edge from professional traders.

Trader training videos on different trading products, strategies, and techniques.

Most importantly... improve your trading with each trading video.

What to expect


Spencer on the Markets
Steve Spencer, Co-Founder of SMBU, shares his market insight on trading patterns that are working best with real-time trade examples.
SMBU Options Tribe
Seth Freudberg, Director of SMBU Options, recaps his monthly spread options trade of the month.
SMBU Trading Tip of the Week
Mike Bellafiore will share a trading tip with you each week.
SMBU Trade of the Week
Mike Bellafiore will share a trade made on our trading desk in detail.

 A weekly education schedule jam packed with learning from traders trading firm capital.

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