5 ideas to minimize the damage on your worst trading days

Hi Mike, I’m a DNA member and really enjoyed your book One Good Trade. I have a problem’s with about 5-6 days a year that are big loses. Really hurting my annual results. Thoughts on best practices….Do you recommend a platform that will cut me off? Thoughts? @MikeBellafiore Recently, I asked one our consistently profitable traders his plan to make … Read More

Weekend Learning Lessons for Traders from the Prop Desk

We closed out a very opportunistic October this week seeing some traders we work with have enormous success. One elite trader, with whom I work with closely, surpassed 1 million in net profits.  Another made over 500k in the bounce off SPY 260 and the China/US trade war.  Another had his first six figure month, doubling down on collaboration with … Read More

Weekend learnings lessons for traders from our trading desk

You are a developing trader aspiring to be an elite trader. They have it all figured out you think. You can’t wait to acheive their level of success so you can stop worrying about all the nonsense in your trading, all the terrible trading in your trading. I am furtunate to coach elite traders at our firm and a select … Read More