When you have to start making real money as a trader (now!)

  It is not uncommon for a trader to have to start making real money.  Perhaps the trader is running out of money.  Or if he at a firm, where he is being paid like SMB Capital, and the firm needs to see him start to make progress. The trader has his back up against the wall.  The trader needs … Read More

Trading Psychology: How to Handle FOMO (Dr. Steenbarger)

Do you feel that FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is crushing your trading PnL? That if you could just get a handle on FOMO you could become the trader you deserve to be. That FOMO is keeping you from a career as a trader and all of the rewards that come with it. Dr. Steenbarger presents in the video below, … Read More

From SMB Intern to Consistently Profitable Prop Trader (Live from Stony Brook U)

@SperoTrades presents his journey from SMB Intern, to struggling trader, to thinking of quitting, to Consistently Profitable Trader.  He does this all live from his former investment club at Stony Brook U.  Not too long ago, Justin sat in the same seats as these college students listening to prop firm co-founder (me) teach the career of prop trader.  Now here … Read More

Trader Interview: Hitting The Million Dollar Milestone in Year2 – Here’s How

@MaxGanik sat down with @Bthestory87 (how do we get him a better Twitter handle?) in a wide-ranging interview about his young trading career.  Max has had the most trading success by Year2 of anyone we have trained at the firm.  As such, this interview provides tremendous value to the trading community.  One topic explored during this interview is Max’s take … Read More