Weekend trading lessons for traders from the prop desk

It’s NOT enough to just look for a good setup (Trade example $NFLX) How to capture outsized profits when the market is sluggish (Options) What is your edge as a professional trader? (Live from London) This trader’s trading journey….continuing Anything less than your best as a trader is unacceptable (Live from a prop firm in London) *no relevant positions

This trader’s trading journey……continuing

It hit my inbox.  Delta boasting that I could be seated in a Virgin lounge (their partner) 10 minutes after drop off at Heathrow airport in London.  Something about a private entrance and private security and clear directions to this private drop off.  10 minutes through security as an american in Europe?  Was this possible? I asked my London Black … Read More

Weekend learning lessons for traders from the prop desk

Sit with your trading identity (SMB Challenge) How to scalp spikes in $VIX How I allowed yesterday’s trade to screw up today’s How to execute your morning game plan It’s not ok not to be the best trader you can be….it’s not ok (Axia Futures London) *no relevant positions  

How to Use Misleading News Headlines to Gain a Trading Advantage

In this video I develop a trading plan based on a common misconception that occurs during earnings season. I also discuss how a trading opportunity that I wasn’t able to fully capitalize on the prior day impacted the execution of today’s plan. The two stocks discussed in the video QCOM and EBAY are both very liquid, which makes it easier … Read More