Taking a Rip in Tesla

We shared that we have been hawking a potential Bounce Trade in Tesla.  I spelled out Four Keys for a Tesla Bounce Trade.  Some on the desk pounced on a Bounce Trade in Tesla after SEEING it.  They took rips as the trade failed.  Let’s discuss an important reality to being a professional trader. Taking losses is part of the … Read More

Four keys for a Tesla Bounce Trade

Many trading eyes are waiting for a $TSLA bounce.  Let me share four keys (not all of them) to trade this opportunity well as an active trader. Sensing too many traders were positioning for a bounce *too early*, I shared this tweet with the trading community: My goal was to remind traders they needed to be specific about the Bounce … Read More

Team Good2Gr8! at SMB

At SMB we identified an important goal for 2023.  That goal is to help *good* traders become *great*.  We call it Team Good2Gr8!.  The goal is raise the floor on our good traders to improve these traders and the firm.  One exciting new best practice has come from Team Good2Gr8! that could help your trading. @TheOneLanceB, Legend, is assisting in … Read More

Wall Street’s Top Trader Invites Me to His Penthouse (Show Notes)

@BTheStory87 interviews Lance Breitstein, former back-to-back #1 trader at a tier one prop firm, in this MUST WATCH video.  Below are the Show Notes of this interview- Wall Street’s Top Trader Invites Me to His Penthouse.  We hope this video gives you numerous ideas to improve and grow as a trader. Lance and  “B The Trader” Interview Show Notes Key … Read More

#1 Mistake Traders Make Before Leaving a Trading Session

There is a mistake I repeatedly catch on Trading Twitter and even to a lesser degree on our proprietary trading desk.  From my seat, this is the #1 mistake traders make before leaving a trading session.  Let me share this #1 mistake.  And then challenge the trading community for all of us to be better…together. I was scrolling through Trading … Read More

A Saturday Trading Strategy

I came into the office Saturday to get some work done.  Just prior my son finished a baseball doubleheader in Queens. We drove back home, dropped his bags at our apartment, changed, and headed to the office.  His mom and sister were at our beach house so it was just the boys. To keep Luke occupied, while I worked, we … Read More