We want to believe you can become a 7-figure trader

Good Evening Mike, I know you’re busy so I will keep this short. I have dreamed of trading for SMB capital since I was a Sophomore in college about 7 years ago. I am a retail trader who mainly focuses on option spreads and asymmetric return trades by way of LEAP options, but I want to apply and make the … Read More

SMB Futures TOTD – 5/23/18

It’s time for the Futures Desk Trade of The Day! If you missed yesterday’s, you can find it here. We love having our traders in Europe and Asia on the Futures Desk. It allows us to capture some trades while the rest of us here in NYC are fast asleep. This trade was just after 4am NYC time. Key variables: … Read More

SMB Futures TOTD – 5/22/18

It’s time for the Futures Desk Trade of The Day! The trade was in crude oil futures. Speaking of which, many think that this is a “wild west” market, and it’s truly not. It’s a great market with solid liquidity and often great momentum. Key variables for the trade: Failed attempt at breakout outside the prior day’s range Failed attempt … Read More