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Our training provides new and developing traders world-class trading techniques that are required to become an elite trader.

Equities Trading Training Programs

DNA Program

SMB DNA of Successful Trading

Our mission for this equities training program is to help mentor students to become skilled traders.

We put traders into a position to compete in the market by clearly laying out the set of skills that need to be developed.

The DNA of Successful Trading is taught using in-depth lectures that give you the domain knowledge of trading principles that actually matter, exercises that are designed to translate the concepts into any learning style, and weekly group mentoring sessions to use current market examples and show how the concepts are playing out right now.

Level: New and developing traders. This is where we recommend equities traders to start.

The Winning Trader

SMB Winning Trader Program

This elite training program will guide you step-by-step to discover 20 different professional trading strategies that can help you become a consistently profitable trader — and potentially earn a spot on our trading desk.

During the program, you will have access to live group meetings where you will see these strategies implemented in the current market.

You will learn highly effective trade setups and strategies that our professional traders use each and every day. Many traders make their living off just a few of these trades. By adding all 20 strategies to your PlayBook, you greatly increase your chances of finding the best trades for your skills, temperament, and trading niche. 

Level: Developing and Experienced Traders. Designed to be taken after the DNA Program

SMB Reading the Tape Program

Reading the Tape offers you a look at the market from the most basic perspective - supply and demand - so that you gain an edge as a day trader. When you read the tape you can determine whether a stock is likely to go up or down from its present price by looking strictly at the bids, the offers, and the prints.

This ability to read the most likely next move in a stock is often absent from your charts because charts are a lagging indicator. Reading the Tape (RTT) is an important skill that all intraday traders must develop.

Most new and developing traders just learn technical analysis, a little fundamental analysis, and then start their trading career. Consequently, they are trading without fully developed trading skills.

Level: New and developing traders. Designed for those traders that want to add tape reading to their trading skills.

SMB Fast Track Program

Improve your trading with 4 weeks straight of receiving rapid feedback, constant accountability, expert guidance each and every trading session, and personal performance coaching from Justin Spero, a seasoned professional SMB Trader.

The boot camp is run by Justin Spero, a seasoned SMB trader known not only for his consistency in trading but also for his exceptional teaching and coaching skills. It’s already a rare and extremely valuable thing to have the opportunity to be mentored by a professional trader on SMB’s desk, given our success as a top proprietary trading firm. But it’s even better to be trained by one of SMB’s most consistent traders, AND flat-out phenomenal trading coach who has transformed the trading of numerous traders that he’s mentored. 

Level: Developing and experienced traders. DNA or Winning Trader are prerequisites.

Jeff Holden trading

SMB Scalp Radar

The Game-changing Trade Detection Tool That Finds Scalping Opportunities For You.

The Scalp Radar is a unique trading tool that detects 5 of our most robust scalping setups in real-time, several minutes ahead of them triggering, giving you time to stalk the trade and execute like the pros.

With the SMB Scalp Radar you get:

  • Lifetime access to training videos on each of the 5 scalps.
  • Cheat Sheets that detail the systematic entry, stop and exit rules of each of the 5 scalps (plus extra execution details)
  • Lifetime access to a private scalping discord community of serious traders using the SMB Scalp Radar to learn how to scalp like our elite traders, and find robust trading opportunities daily.

Options Trading Training Programs

SMB Options Foundation Program

The SMB Options Training Program is designed to be a unique process of education and skill development. First, you will learn the core strategies and tactics of Options trading and then you will be in a position to understand which strategies will work best for you!. When an options trader and the correct strategy are in sync, the trader will have the tools, conviction and confidence necessary to succeed. 

This program is for you if you're looking for a systematic, efficient and affordable method to become an options trader who earns money. I say "affordable" because the cost of paying the market to learn can be quite expensive in both time, money and stress if you try it on your own. 

SMB Options Breakthrough Program

You will learn 10 highly effective trading strategies that use Options to improve your trade ideas and allow you to size up far more than you could with just stocks. This is The ONE SINGLE CHANGE That Can Radically Transform Your Trading from potentially taking you from crippling inconsistency, to profitable and enjoyable trading.

Learn 10 trading strategies used by professional traders taught directly by our traders and explore these real-world tested options strategies in a step-by-step detail. 

SMB Options Trading Team Program

Boost your Options trading skills with this mentoring program and join a community of Options traders. With this program, you will have access to one private mentoring session, exclusive weekly group meetings, detailed trade plans of other traders and access to 650+ on-demand Options Tribe webinar recordings. 

SMB Options Tribe Premium subscription

This subscription gives you access to a 650+ hour (and growing) archive of past Options webinars given by Options trading experts from around the world. You will find options webinars on butterflies, broken wing butterflies, Iron condors, calendar spreads, directional options strategies, vertical and credit spreads, weekly strategies, trading psychology, technical analysis and much more.+

The Rhino Options Strategy

This powerful Options Trading Strategy is a broken wing butterfly based options strategy designed for the risk-averse trader who may not be able to check the market frequently during the trading day. The Rhino is a positive theta strategy whose design responds to each kind of market scenario with a very specific protocol laid out in great detail within this video course.

Vertical Spread Advantage Program

In this detailed five part video series, noted financial broadcaster, author and options educator Jared Levy, takes traders through his comprehensive approach to vertical spread options trading. Jared starts from the top down, providing invaluable information on how to form a macro view of the market and then taking the viewer through the process of selecting and establishing a directional bias on an equity or index. Once established Jared provides you with detailed instructions on how to construct a vertical options spread consistent with that established bias and the attractive risk/reward benefits of using vertical spreads.

Advanced Options Strategies

SMB Training has collaborated with Amy Meissner to make the Time Zone, the Asymmetrical Iron Condor, the 14-day Asymmetrical Iron Condor and the Nested Iron Condor training programs available to you. Amy Meissner presents her specific methodology and insights about the best ways to manage unique options income strategies. She goes methodically through each type of market condition and how she personally handles each of these—having traded in this style for many years. 

With the Asymmetrical Iron Condor, you will learn how to generate consistent returns, even during market sell-offs and crashes. Be free of worrying about bear markets or the next financial crisis. Use the AIC course to give you a road map to navigate anything that happens in the market.

The Nested Iron Condor is an improvement on the classic iron condor. It gives you a trade that is less sensitive to spikes in implied volatility and sets you up with a more strategic risk control plan than classic high probability trades. 

The 14-day Asymmetrical Iron Condor is Amy's powerful innovation on the original AIC trade which allows you to start the trade closer to expiration for more rapid Theta decay. The 14 Day AIC is a market neutral options trading technique that introduces time frame diversification and increased performance.

The Time Zone strategy solves several major challenges that options traders face including: positive Vega to control risk during (and even benefit from) volatility spikes, low capital and time requirement allowing traders to easily add the strategy without overcomplicating their lives, and steady returns even during wild market gyrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer refunds?

We have a strict no refund policy as you get full access to the training modules and the mentoring sessions as soon as you sign up.

Will I receive a certification upon completion of the training programs?

Trainees won’t receive a certificate upon completion of any of our training programs.

Do i get a simulator trading account with the training programs?

Our training programs do not include a trading account. You would need to get a trading platform on your own.

How does your educational program work?

All of our training programs are web-hosted so you can review the content when is most convenient. We offer group meetings that are archived and you can watch the recording at a later time.

Do you teach swing trading?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a swing training program at the moment.

Got more questions?

Email us at [email protected]