Establish a Solid Foundation with the Options Trading Foundation Program

If you're like most people we interview, your goal is to be an elite options trader. You picture yourself as someone who can be one of the best, you want options trading to be a career. The SMB Options Training Program is a unique process of education and skill development. After each student learns the core strategies and tactics, they are in a position to understand which strategies will work best for them. When an options trader and the correct strategy are in sync, the trader will have the tools, conviction and confidence necessary to succeed. This program is for you if you're looking for a systematic, efficient and affordable method to become an options trader who earns money. I say "affordable" because the cost of paying the market to learn can be quite expensive in both time, money and stress if you try it on your own. 

Your trader path will include some or all of the following components: 

  • Instant access to the online video series. 

  • Over 400 pages of training material to accompany the videos Weekly student Question and Answer webinars to review the nuances of the strategies that you’ve learned and answer any questions that you may have.

  • Video archive of the student Q and A webinars to study at your convenience.  
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This is what you learn in the Options Foundation Program

Session 1: Course Overview: Gain a solid understanding of successful trading and the importance of focusing on one good trade, the SMBU core philosophy. 

Session 2: Fundamental Option Concepts: Learn the cornerstone concepts such as strike price, what it means to buy or sell and the all-important premium. 

Session 3: Options Analysis Software: Learn how to record options trades in powerful software that creates critical metrics and provides important risk management tools. 

Session 4: The Greeks: How to measure the effect of changes in price, time and volatility on options valuations.  

Session 5: Options Spread Theory: How to trade options for income and profit from time decay. 

Session 6: Condors: Learn the entry, exit and all important adjustment tactics for this most popular of options spread strategies  

Session 7: Butterflies: How to enter, adjust and exit iron, call side and put side butterflies—a powerful strategy for profiting from the high time decay of at-the–money short options. 

Session 8: Calendar Spreads: Popular and core strategy which takes advantage of the relative time decay of near and far term options. Learn how to enter, adjust and exit. 

Session 9: Double Diagonal Spreads: Learn the nuances of this popular market neutral strategy which combines elements of the calendar spread and the condor spread. 

Session 10: Online Broker Training: Introduction to three major online options broker platforms.

Session 11: Credit Spreads: Learn a simple yet powerful technique for taking advantage of your directional opinion on a stock, ETF or index while having the flexibility to being directionally incorrect and STILL profiting through understanding the importance of options time decay.

Session 12: Covered Calls: Learn a technique for managing this most popular of long term options strategies.

Session 13: Cash Secured Puts: A powerful technique for creating options income methodically through selling puts. 

Session 14: Expiration Week Plays: There are unique phenomena that occur during monthly options expiration week. Learn techniques for identifying and profiting from those opportunities.

Session 15: Earnings Plays: Learn how to take advantage of the huge options volatility shifts that occur during earnings season.

Session 16: SMB Fundamentals: SMBU believes that all successful traders follow certain fundamental principles and practices which if carefully applied will result ultimately in a successful trading track record. This section covers the seven principles of elite trading performance. 


"Joining the SMB Options Training Program was the best investment decision I have ever made."

-A. Rob Lantka, Pennsylvania

" I find SMB's Options Training Program especially well designed to take my options trading to the next level."

-Peterson J. Handjaja, Indonesia

"…The SMB options and mentoring programs have been excellent." 

-Derek Vanderpool, Wisconsin

*Testimonials were not compensated

Frequently Asked Questions about options trading and the SMBU program:

Question: I have seen all the over-hyped promises of how easy options trading is portrayed to be. Is anyone actually making money and earning a living as an options trader? Answer: Yes a matter of fact your instructor is a well-respected mentor and full time trader. You will be learning from someone who is living what you want to achieve. 

Question: Do I need to spend long hours scanning hundreds of stock looking for opportunities? Answer: No! The primary strategies we will be discussing in both Foundation course Part One and Part Two are generally centered on trading Index options. Most professional options traders focus on four or five major indices to earn their living. You will learn why in the video series. 

Question: Why should I enroll in a course when I can buy simply buy a book and learn the tactics? Answer: For the same reason that passing the written test doesn’t make you a competent driver. You learn to drive by driving with someone who has been there before. 

Question: What does trading for income mean? Answer: It means in most cases you will learn to initiate trades where you simultaneously buy and sell options. This is known as a spread trade. The major advantage to this type of options trading is there are multiple paths to profit. Spread trading scenarios are the SMB Options primary strategies. 


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