Amy Meissner Strategies

Amy Meissner Options Strategy Courses

Amy Meissner, "The Queen of Iron Condors" has partnered with SMB to bring you authoritative education on advanced high probability options trading.

Amy's strategies are traded live at our firm and used by individuals and professionals around the world.

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The Asymmetrical Iron Condor

$1,495 $1,295

Generate consistent returns, even during market sell-offs and crashes. Be free of worrying about bear markets or the next financial crisis. Use the AIC course to give you a road map to navigate anything that happens in the market. 

The Nested Iron Condor

$1,295 $1,095

An improvement on the classic iron condor. The Nested Iron Condor gives you a trade that is less sensitive to spikes in implied volatility and sets you up with a more strategic risk control plan than classic high probability trades. 

The 14-Day AIC

$1,495 $1,295

This is Amy's powerful innovation on the original AIC trade which allows you to start the trade closer to expiration for more rapid Theta decay. The 14 Day AIC is a market neutral options trading technique that introduces time frame diversification and increased performance 

Full Suite of Strategies

$4,285 $3,285 BEST DEAL

Order all three strategies at once for savings of $1,000! This is the best price you will see for a long time.