Myth #2 of Options Trading

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Options traders who don’t understand options synthetics will often get confused and believe that they can buy a synthetically equivalent trade for “a bargain price”. In this video, we explain why economically equivalent trades will always fill at the same price.

Myth #1 of Options Trading

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Market neutral options traders fall into the trap of believing many myths about successful trading. Today’s video is the first in a series of videos on the myths of options trading.

A major mistake that options traders make is to fail to recognize the huge psychological difference between trading small amounts of capital and large amounts of capital.

Should I trade GLD Options?

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In this video, Seth Freudberg reviews the qualities that must be present for trading vehicles to be traded in a scaleable way. It is a good idea for traders to diversify their trading portfolio so as not to be too heavily dependent on one trading vehicle. However, it can be dangerous to trade market neutral options strategies without making sure that the trading vehicle has certain qualities that make it tradeable.

Plan the Trade. Trade the Plan.

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In this video, we discuss the merits of following your trading plan. Many options traders are good at designing strategies but most are challenged by actually following the details of the strategies under the pressures of market movement.

Trade Review: Long Gold

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In this video I share my thought process on why I opened a GLD long trade. If you are interested in watching and learning about these trades in real time check out a Trader90 trial which includes all of our trading tools.   Steven Spencer is the co-founder of SMB Capital and SMB University which provides trading education in stocks, options, … Read More

Lessons from an annual trade review

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Elite traders are always engaged in a process of self analysis in a continuous improvement process. A trader on SMB’s options trading desk recently discussed an annual review that he conducted of his own trading. In this video Seth Freudberg discusses the insights shared by that trader which should be helpful for all options traders.

Don’t Trap Yourself into Trading Failure

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Most traders fail at trading because they are unrealistic about the amount of time it will take to get good and the returns they will earn once they do. That creates a condition where the trader makes a series of mistakes that we cover in this video. We discuss how to avoid those mistakes and start your trading career with realistic expectations.

Stay Within the Theme of the Trade

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Every options strategy has a “theme”–the conditions under which it does poorly and the conditions under which it is successful. In this video, Seth Freudberg discusses the problem of abandoning the theme of a trade in the midst of the trade. A recent bearish butterfly trade is offered as a case in point.