How to make better trading decisions

In this Ted talk below, writer Julia Galef argues that making good decisions is dependent on employing a scout mindset.  This talk is helpful for us as traders to make the best trading decisions. Galef breaks mindset into two categories: scout mindset and soldier mindset.  The soldier mindset defends their ideas.  This “motivated reasoning” tries to make some ideas win … Read More

Trade Options Like an Atom Bomb is About to Go Off in Times Square

In this video Seth Freudberg discusses why it’s so important to have a contingency plan for your trading. Traders never know when something unexpected will happen. Professional Traders always have a contingency plan for unexpected market events. This video reviews some of the viable contingency plans that are used by professional options traders.

What Makes a Trader Successful?

In this video Seth Freudberg discusses the traits of successful traders he has seen over the years and what separates them from the average traders.

What Stage Are You In?

In this video Mike Bellafiore discusses the different forms of culture you can choose to be apart of which consists of 5 stages. What stage are you in?

When It’s Time to Close a Trade

If you have to use your imagination to see how you win… it’s time to close your trade. Seth Freudberg discusses when it’s time to close a trade.

Why did LVS trade through 44 if that was support?

LVS hit our radar for a Spencer (my trading partner) 2nd Day play.  There was not much a news catalyst in LVS, but yesterday it traded a higher RVOL, finished near the bottom of its range, and traded significantly weaker than the market.  We walk onto our trading floor today wondering if there will be follow through or a bounce … Read More