How to answer the burning question every trader must ask to succeed

There is a burning question that every trader must answer if they wish to succeed. Merritt Black, who runs SMB Futures, reached out to Dr. Steenbarger and me this morning to share our ideas on how traders can find their trading identity.  He was working on producing a special video for his traders on this very topic.  This strikes me … Read More

Traders4ACause charity event

SMB Capital is a sponsor for Traders4ACause charity event this weekend in Las Vegas. Congratulations to Nathan Michaud, @InvestorsLive, for organizing this exciting charity event. Just look who will be presenting: Noted trading psychologist, Dr. Steenbarger Market Wizards author, Jack Schwager James Dalton, the godfather of market profile Peter Brandt, veteran commodities trader Here is the full list of speakers for … Read More

Do We Really Need Rules?

At SMBU we believe those with a passion for trading ought to start trading in college. We created the SMB College Training Program run by Iceman from The PlayBook for this very reason. Jake is a passionate college trader trying to create a track record while in school to land a spot on a prop trading desk. He will write a weekly blog about … Read More

This Trader is Ready to Trade Live

Bella, I am a huge fan of One Good Trade. Currently, I am wrapping up The Playbook. My friend and mentor put me onto One Good Trade after I had expressed interest several months ago in trading, and I have fallen in love with the profession. My desire is to become an intraday trader, but I want to go about … Read More

A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skillful Sailor

People are made for challenges. When we respond to challenges, we become alert. As we move and think to overcome those challenges, we build physical and emotional muscle. We open up our bodies and minds to new possibilities. We learn and grow at an astounding pace, becoming stronger and creating amazing things. In the absence of challenge however, the opposite … Read More

Super Trader!

  Being successful at trading is really quite simple.  Follow a certain set of principles over an extended period of time and eventually you’ll produce great results. Unfortunately learning, and more importantly applying, those concepts can be quite challenging. This is especially true when the process is approached with the wrong psychology. And if you think about it isn’t it … Read More

Options Trading for Income with John Locke for December 8, 2014

No relevant positions Risk disclaimer A great way to improve your trading results is by keeping up to date with the latest trading techniques and current market conditions! Click HERE and join me every Monday at 9 AM EST for our free “Options Trading for Income” Webinars! Where you get expert analysis of the markets and the opportunity to follow … Read More