A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skillful Sailor

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ID-100265535People are made for challenges. When we respond to challenges, we become alert. As we move and think to overcome those challenges, we build physical and emotional muscle. We open up our bodies and minds to new possibilities. We learn and grow at an astounding pace, becoming stronger and creating amazing things.

In the absence of challenge however, the opposite happens. We become lazy. With no need to move or think, our strength and skills deteriorate.  Our reflexes become slow and our minds close down.

This is why I warn of the dangers of a smooth sea. Everyone is a great trader when the market is calm and predictable. When things are going favorably the money comes easy. Even new traders can do extremely well with poorly designed trading systems in these types of environments.

This is dangerous for both the beginner and the expert. The beginner who does well right off the bat thinks trading is easy. He often becomes overconfident and scales up in size too quickly for his skill level, often setting himself up for disaster. The seasoned trader also has problems in calm markets. The lack of challenge for extended periods of time allows him to become lazy. This dulls his senses and weakens his skills, also resulting in overconfidence. Not because the trader never had skills but because his skills have deteriorated and he often isn’t aware of it. This once again can be a set up for disaster.

In a choppy market however, trading is much more difficult. Difficult times separate the dreamers who are looking for success, if it is convenient and easy, from the people who are absolutely committed to changing their lives and becoming professional traders.

This is why I love the choppy markets both as a mentor and a trader.

The “convenient and easy” traders will either quit or jump trading systems when times get tough. Good riddance. Don’t get me wrong. I care deeply about people and want to see them succeed. However, at the same time I know they’ll never succeed as long as they‘re looking for a “convenient and easy” way to do so. They’ll have a much better chance of succeeding if they stop trading now, reevaluate what they really want, and become committed to that rather than wasting all their time and money looking for a lottery ticket in the market. If they ultimately decide to commit to being a great trader, I welcome them back with open arms.

What about the committed traders? Yes, choppy markets can be frustrating. You may feel stressed. You may even lose money. But welcome the experience. Trading is a high-performance, high stress game. It’s not for everybody.  But for those who are committed to learning the skills and proper mindset, for those who love the challenge, for those of you who love the excitement and growth associated with becoming financially independent though trading, tough markets will accelerate your learning and bring you closer to your dreams much faster than a series of easy, profitable months.ID-100283191

Treasure the challenge; it will mold you into the person you need to become to reach your dreams!

John Locke

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