How you can develop a trading hot streak

At SMB, our prop firm, we think a great deal about the best way to train new traders.  Our core business is training new traders into consistently profitable and then elite traders.  Since 2005, this has been our focus for our work. New traders go through an extensive training program before they ever trade firm capital.  We would never allow … Read More

Weekend learning lessons for traders from SMB

This week was one of the most opportunistic that I can remember in some time.  The pot names and IPOs were immensely volatile.  Next week sets up to present many large opportunities again. The weekend is a terrific time to work on your trading game to improve. We offer some ideas below to improve your trading from this trading week. … Read More

Weekend trading lessons from the prop desk at SMB

Below we share some videos to help you improve your trading this weekend.  It is the work we do when markets are closed that shapes trading performance in real-time. “You can be better tomorrow than you are today!”- Mike Bellafiore Weekend video trading lessons from SMB The worst trade of the week 5 things profitable traders do How to profit … Read More

The gift of learning during a trading session

In Dr. Steenbarger’s terrific post he reminds us that each trading session is a gift to learn.  He wrote, “Every day of trading provides a day’s worth of review and learning.” I shared a lesson I learned while trading $MTCH today in this video review.  This was a lesson learned after a trading loss after a high conviction trade.  Arrogant trades … Read More

Rules for high conviction trades

During a daily review a developing trader tackled his system for re-entry with high conviction trades. In his words on his high conviction IBB breakout trade, expressed with LABD: (LABD) Was one of my larger picture ideas for the day. Was using this 3X leverage ETF to play the IBB breakout. IBB looked positioned for a breakout on the daily … Read More

7 ideas for improving your trading consistency

I was recently a guest lecturer at Stony Brook University sharing my knowledge of trading and trader development with interested students.  At the end of my lecture, a student approached and asked, “How can I improve my trading consistency?” We have polled our trading community for the top trading issues they would like to solve, and trading consistency consistently makes … Read More