Managing your swing positions/trades better

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  Hi Mike, I met you last 2 weeks at Singapore Invest Fair.  I am deeply impressed with your presentation and your New York traders trading ways. Personally, I am a prop house day scalp traders for Malaysia stock market for 8 performance for the scalp trading is quite consistent and keep on growing. I have a matter need … Read More

Trading A Momentum Reversal–TSLA

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This past week many traders sought to profit from a short trade in TSLA. Eventually it reversed dropping almost 10% in two days. But it wasn’t an easy or simple trade by any stretch. My thoughts on one way to make this trade easier… Steven Spencer is the co-founder of SMB Capital and SMB University which provides trading education in … Read More

Thoughts On Trading A Bear Market–SPY FB NFLX

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In this video I offer some thoughts for how the market is setting up for the second week of February. If you are interested in our process for finding the best trading setups each day join me for a free webinar Monday February 8th at 4:30PM. Steven Spencer is the co-founder of SMB Capital and SMB University which provides trading … Read More

Trading A Beaten Down Name

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In this video I walk you through a trade in Horizon Pharmaceuticals (HZNP) which has been crushed recently in the Valient Tsunami. We look at big picture price and what various holders may be thinking We break down intra-day criteria and how to use them for trade confirmation or rejection We identify key price levels prior to entering the trade … Read More

How We Find The Best Setups

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It was an incredible week in the market. Monday started with a strong down trend and by Friday the SPY closed at its highest level since ten days earlier. Outside of the indexes themselves there were some incredible risk/reward opportunities in individual stocks. In this short video I explain some of the techniques we used to identify and trade the … Read More

My Thought Process– $SPY

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In three trading days we moved from a range bound low volatility market to an environment of fear and chatter of market collapses. It is more difficult to predict price patterns when extreme volatility and fear are in play versus when the market is more subdued and market participants actions can be more easily anticipated. As traders we move into a “move to move” mentality … Read More