The gift of learning during a trading session

In Dr. Steenbarger’s terrific post he reminds us that each trading session is a gift to learn.  He wrote, “Every day of trading provides a day’s worth of review and learning.” I shared a lesson I learned while trading $MTCH today in this video review.  This was a lesson learned after a trading loss after a high conviction trade.  Arrogant trades … Read More

How many stocks should I watch during a trading session?

Hi Mike, My name is Jonathan. I am a relatively new trader and I began reading your first book One Good Trade. I love the idea of your if/then statements and I would love to work on my own statements. I have a list of plays I believe I have the most edge in, one being red to green or … Read More

I am brand new, what trader training should I take?

Hello Mike, How are you doing? I hope you had a great weekend. I have a question for you about what could a trader do with limited funds to get started in SMB. Currently, I am reading your book One Good Trade and taking notes it is eye opening and inspiring. Especially about Bruce Kovner. I am in a similar … Read More

A word top traders use to describe their best trading

There is a word that I keep reading over and over again from traders performing at their best.  And often this language is present in the reviews of elite traders. Notice the language in this review below: ….overall feeling energized and confident for the month of April. Great opportunity at the moment, I just need to be in the right … Read More

The developing hybrid trader in action

One developing trader at our firm is not viewing his trading future only as a discretionary trader, but as a hybrid trader.  A hybrid trader uses technology to make better trade decisions, and pulls money out of the market as a discretionary trader, discretionary trader armed with tools to make better trade decisions, and with automated models. Here is that … Read More