Striving for Excellence in Prop Trading (Podcast with Mike Bellafiore)

smbcapitalBella Daily Update

In this podcast episode with AlphaMind, Mike shares how SMB puts a heavy emphasis on learning and continual improvement. And in supporting our traders to become elite. What you will hear in this interview is how SMB’s culture of continual improvement and striving for excellence is the fuel behind our success.  And this is what helps so many traders at SMB Capital to not just achieve their goals, but to exceed them.

There is an additional aspect of this interview, which has relevance beyond trading. It applies to businesses of all types, not just trading businesses. SMB Capital is a “Learning organization”. Our core is built around learning, not just for our trading, but for ourselves. We make a deliberate effort to study what we do well, what we don’t, and what we can do better.  And then we take the steps to implement the effective best practices and turn them into habits that will help us grow.

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