Trader mentoring that helps you trade professionally (or lose miserably)

Let me offer a sneak peak into a conversation we had on our trading desk yesterday about mentoring a developing trader the right way.  We did this virtually as almost our entire desk is remote due to Covid.  Getting this mentoring right can make all the difference in the career of a trader. A senior trader pinged me for advice … Read More

Improve your trading this weekend with these educational videos

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Improve your trading this weekend with these educational videos

How to prepare mentally to make a huge profit in a trade How traders are succeeding in the new market environment (Dr. Brett and Bella) An easier (and safer) way to double returns using options  Senior trader presents 10 adjustments to spark his most profitable trading month How to identify a short term market top *no relevant positions Important disclosures … Read More

Sunday trading ideas to help you improve performance

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A crucial observation on why ALL the traders on a trading team are improving

    We are in our training at our prop trading firm in NYC.  It is time for our monthly trading reviews. These are done by teams.  There is a Senior Trader who leads the reviews, as well as the Junior Traders on his team, and our Floor Manager, Dr. Steenbarger, and myself providing feedback.  Each trader, including and especially … Read More

Here’s what leads to your trading improvement

During the Traders4ACause Las Vegas 2019 conference @Steenbab, trading coach Dr. Brett Steenbarger, articulated the line of the event. Internally, we talk a lot about winning the trading day.  Setting a daily routine and then competing to win each stage is coached.  We did so yesterday with our new trading class, setting standards for them to meet. I expanded on … Read More

Weekend trading lessons from the prop desk

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