Weekend learning for traders from our prop desk

Let me offer some videos for you to watch for some weekend learning for your trading from our prop desk. Our study when markets are closed is a true measure of our passion for trading.  It is Saturday, I am at the office, and I am working on how we can improve as a trading firm.  Our culture at SMB … Read More

“Clip that!”: Maximizing your best trading

Thank you to Dr. Steenbarger for sharing this article on how and why the Warriors excel in the 3rd quarter.  The coaches prepare video clips from the first half, during the first half, of the team playing at their best.  Coaches instruct video staff to “Clip that” of best plays and prepare it to be watched at half-time by the … Read More

Do you train traders who do not make it?

A trading friend on twitter asked: and then followed up with: @MikeBellafiore Of course we have traders who do not make it with our trading desk and transition into a new job.  One thing very important to our firm is to “love them on the way in” and “love them on the way out”.  When someone is not successful on … Read More

We want to believe you can become a 7-figure trader

Good Evening Mike, I know you’re busy so I will keep this short. I have dreamed of trading for SMB capital since I was a Sophomore in college about 7 years ago. I am a retail trader who mainly focuses on option spreads and asymmetric return trades by way of LEAP options, but I want to apply and make the … Read More

The formula for how to become a 7-figure trader (Chat with Traders Podcast)

Here is a link to my recent Chat with Traders podcast with Aaron Fifield. Aaron gives our follow up chat together the title: The formula for how to become a 7-figure trader. @Maoxian does a solid job providing notes of the podcast here. I love the @DGillies tweet after his listen: That podcast gave me hope. My expectations are now … Read More

How many stocks should I watch during a trading session?

Hi Mike, My name is Jonathan. I am a relatively new trader and I began reading your first book One Good Trade. I love the idea of your if/then statements and I would love to work on my own statements. I have a list of plays I believe I have the most edge in, one being red to green or … Read More