Sunday trading ideas to help you improve performance

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A crucial observation on why ALL the traders on a trading team are improving

We are in our training at our prop trading firm in NYC.  It is time for our monthly trading reviews. These are done by teams.  There is a Senior Trader who leads the reviews, as well as the Junior Traders on his team, and our Floor Manager, Dr. Steenbarger, and myself providing feedback.  Each trader, including and especially the Senior … Read More

Here’s what leads to your trading improvement

During the Traders4ACause Las Vegas 2019 conference @Steenbab, trading coach Dr. Brett Steenbarger, articulated the line of the event. Internally, we talk a lot about winning the trading day.  Setting a daily routine and then competing to win each stage is coached.  We did so yesterday with our new trading class, setting standards for them to meet. I expanded on … Read More

Weekend trading lessons from the prop desk

How an independent trader is improving A weekly options strategy with remarkable potential When people are trapped The harsh realities to become a consistently profitable trader Why equities traders are having such unusual success with options *no relevant positions Important disclosures

Weekend learning lessons for traders from the prop desk

What two indicators can this trader add to his SPY trade for better results? How this trader can make better trades ($NVDA Pull In Trade example) How to trade the Butterfly- The Core Strategy on our Options Trading Desk How traders effectively use different strategies intraday Interview with Dr. Brett Steenbarger with Bear Bull Traders *no relevant positions Important disclosures

Weekend learning lessons for traders from the prop desk

The difference between the trade of a pro and a struggling independent trader ($AAPL trade example) Terrific video here where we show the tape of a recorded trade, discuss, and role model a professional quality trade. One Good Trade in a High Beta stock ($SQ trade example) Again, we show the tape of a recorded trade into this trade review.  … Read More

Weekend learning lessons for traders from the prop desk

How to prepare for the biggest trading opportunities- Game planning Do catalysts matter? How to construct an options trade with a really wide profit zone How to combat a trading bias When we trade $SPY and why How to determine whether a breakout trade is likely to be profitable ($DIS) How one trader turned around his trading *no relevant positions … Read More