You choose how you will react to trading obstacles

I was met by a smiling trader in the hall who is trading nowhere near as big as he wants, but was thrilled with his recent trading consistency.  His focus was on his happiness with this trading consistency, from which he could see a clear path to grow.  You choose how to react to your trading results. Another international trader … Read More

How one trader turned around his trading

Your back is against the wall as a trader.  Simply, you need to make money.  You feel the pressure.  The economic strain is a reality.  Failing at your dream job is a time period away.  That thought is crushing, perhaps soul-crushing. How can you turn this around? Let me share a turnaround story from our trading desk. We sat in … Read More

Weekend learning lessons for traders from the prop desk

How to determine if a Breakout Trade is likely to be profitable  How to enter a trade like a professional trader What are realistic returns for options trading? 2 essential indicators to improve your Breakout Trades It is not enough to just look for a good trading setup *no relevant positions

Weekend trading lessons for traders from the prop desk

It’s NOT enough to just look for a good setup (Trade example $NFLX) How to capture outsized profits when the market is sluggish (Options) What is your edge as a professional trader? (Live from London) This trader’s trading journey….continuing Anything less than your best as a trader is unacceptable (Live from a prop firm in London) *no relevant positions

This trader’s trading journey……continuing

It hit my inbox.  Delta boasting that I could be seated in a Virgin lounge (their partner) 10 minutes after drop off at Heathrow airport in London.  Something about a private entrance and private security and clear directions to this private drop off.  10 minutes through security as an american in Europe?  Was this possible? I asked my London Black … Read More

Weekend learning lessons for traders from the prop desk

How to make a Pull Back Trade ($ROKU) How to take small losses and still catch the Big Move This weekly options trade could have made over 80 percent in ten days  How to execute your morning game plan  How to become a professional trader with a full-time job * no relevant positions    

Weekend learning lessons from the prop desk

How independent trader @MelanieNix1 is improving her trading An options strategy that can return 100 percent overnight Buying analysts downgrades  How to find the best exit strategy for you (ex. Gold) How to make a Gap and Fail Trade after a news announcement *no relevant positions