Here’s what leads to your trading improvement

BellaBella Daily Update

During the Traders4ACause Las Vegas 2019 conference @Steenbab, trading coach Dr. Brett Steenbarger, articulated the line of the event.

Internally, we talk a lot about winning the trading day.  Setting a daily routine and then competing to win each stage is coached.  We did so yesterday with our new trading class, setting standards for them to meet.

I expanded on this point in this tweet thread.

A trading colleague recently recommended the podcast by Michael Gervais, which lead to me catching one with Steve Kerr sharing his observations of the three great NBA shooters- Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Clay Thompson.  Coach Kerr marveled how committed these three greatest shooters in the world were to their daily shooting practice.  Each had a daily routine that was unique, precise, and watched by assistants.  What they were doing daily, practicing precisely, made them great.

So, if you want to improve as a trader and reach your potential, then develop an effective daily routine.  What you do daily to improve will be what leads to your trading improvement.

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