SMBU’s Options Tribe Webinar: Renowned Trading Coach and Author, Dr. Brett Steenbarger: Best Practices of The Most Successful Traders

October 27th, 2016 This week, Dr. Brett Steenbarger, world renowned trading coach to some of the largest hedge funds in the world and author of multiple trading classics returns to the Options Tribe to share his observations on the practices of the most successful traders that he has encountered. Read more [...]

Starting and Ending Trades Early Performed Better

October 27th, 2016 In this video Seth Freudberg discusses the difference between long term and short term trades and why traders who are entering and exiting trades early are performing better. Read more [...]

How Equity Traders Can Use Options to Improve Their Results

October 26th, 2016 In this video, Andrew Falde discusses how equity traders can use options to help maximize returns when there are limited trading opportunities. Read more [...]

Lessons from an annual trade review

October 21st, 2016 Elite traders are always engaged in a process of self analysis in a continuous improvement process. A trader on SMB's options trading desk recently discussed an annual review that he conducted of his own trading. In this video Seth Freudberg discusses the insights shared by that trader which should be helpful for all options traders. Read more [...]

SMBU’s Options Tribe Webinar: Bruno Voisin: Practical Examples of the Rhino Trade

October 20th, 2016 This week, Bruno Voisin returns to the Options Tribe to present examples of the Rhino trade in various market conditions. Read more [...]

Trading bigger is much easier than trading with edge

October 20th, 2016 Trading bigger is much easier than trading with edge. I am working with a developing trader, nearing 15 months of live trading.  He is starting to trade with edge. I am seeing 3/5 days of trading profitably. I am noticing in his reviews a specificity of setups that he is trading.  He is not trading for stocks to finish higher or lower for the day.  He is trading for a stock to trade lower or higher from a given point with specific variables.  This is the essence of short term trading.  He gets it. I am noticing a nice string of $600-700 days, with an occasional 1kplus day. I am noticing this trader trading Read more [...]

Time Diversification Through Weeklies

October 14th, 2016 It's important to diversify your options trading portfolio in order to control your exposure to any one event. In this video, Seth Freudberg discusses the different types of strategy diversification within a trader's portfolio of options trades. This video specifically focuses on the current trend of using weekly options chains to spread a trader's capital out from week to week as opposed to focusing all of a trader's capital on one particular options expiration. Read more [...]

Understanding Market Turning Points

October 14th, 2016 Short term traders make thousands of trades each year. But not every trade is of equal importance to our bottom line. We develop a trading plan for every trade regardless of how large or small the opportunity, but with experience we begin to identify the trades that offer the greatest upside and the best risk/reward. I have found in my 20+ years of trading that identifying potential turning points in the market can make a dramatic difference in your trading results each year. On these days the risk/reward is magnified for making broader market trades, and many individual names will establish important short term tops/bottoms Read more [...]