Build a Better Options Trading Plan

The exercise of building an options trading plan is a very unique breed of business planning. We’ve found over the years that many options traders have career backgrounds as professionals or business owners. Traders with backgrounds like these often bring some of their old business planning tactics into their options trading plan. There are pros and cons to this. Pros … Read More

Idea #1 to improve trading consistency and 8 more

Yesterday I wrote about a trader who needed to work on consistency before sizing.  What I did not share were the ideas shared by me to help Trader improve their consistency. I am now inspired to do so after reading this tweet this AM from @Tradeciety: Developing a daily routine, like @Tradeciety suggests above, was my #1 idea to help this … Read More

Are you working on the right stage of your trader development?

  We recently hired a trader who we think has a very bright trading future. Trader had had some success trading a retail account and sought to work with our firm professionally.  Trader did not come thru the traditional path of apply, interview, hired, Foundation, Trader Development, Team Trading.  Because of Trader having some success in their retail account we … Read More

Traders call this a “frustrating” trading month

If you asked me to search my e-mails and chats for the word most used to describe trading this month it would be: “frustrating”. One trader wrote in an end-of-day review, “Very frustrating day for me due to finishing this red after most of the ideas were working in the AM.” Another trader wrote in his Daily Report Card, “definitely feeling a … Read More