What are your trades in MON?

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What are the intraday trading opportunities from MON on the Open?  First we have to indentify the patterns that are worth our attention.  And then we can hammer down on how best to execute.  From the chart below what trades makes sense to you.  Be back later with some thoughts of my own.  Hint: during our AM meeting we identified 73 as a very important level.

6 Comments on “What are your trades in MON?”

  1. ss premkt low break and then i re shorted the hold of 71.. very tricky stock to trade though since they would spray the offer 30-50c at a time!

  2. If MON fails to break and hold 71.50 and looks weak, I would consider opening small short position. with a tight stop. I would also consider going long with a break of 71.50-60 on volume…Some rough thoughts (from the Belmont health and fitness classroom)



    Michael W

  3. Missed MON so checked sector and went to POT..traded a little easier and made a nice move. Missed one bus but another came.

  4. this is an excellent point. if you are not listening to call and an experienced trader then do not trade during a conference call.

  5. sell on break of 72.80 sell at break at 72.50 sell at break of 71.30 got closed out with stop at 71.70.
    71.60 was a strong selling point pair cant not break upwards so sell again on rejection of the 71.50 level sell again at 71 and again on the break of 70.50

  6. Bella, $MON conf. call started at 9:30…I remember asking Steve about this. He said do not trade those unless you are listening…Were you guys listening to the call?

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