What are your trades in MON? (The answers)

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Non-experienced traders should not be trading MON during a conference call.  Experienced traders not listening to the conference call should not be trading during the conference call.  Experienced traders who do not know a great deal about MON should not be trading this during the conference call.  So this was a bit of a trick question (couldn’t fool @thearmotrader). But … Read More

What are your trades in MON?

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What are the intraday trading opportunities from MON on the Open?  First we have to indentify the patterns that are worth our attention.  And then we can hammer down on how best to execute.  From the chart below what trades makes sense to you.  Be back later with some thoughts of my own.  Hint: during our AM meeting we identified … Read More

Opening Range Play (MON)

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On my latest StockTwits TV show, SMB University, I was asked about trading right on the Open.  Often new traders struggle with this time period for two reasons: a) they miscalculate their downside risk before entering the trade b) they do not have a playbook with trades that work for the open. Well let’s try and correct some of (b) … Read More

Maximizing My Weaknesses

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Today I maximized my weaknesses.  I found the set up that is a trading weakness for my system, traded it with size, and now sit with a P&L that represents the worst of my trading.  In one sense this is quite impressive.  I did not just underperform this open.  I did as poorly as I possible could.   Fresh news … Read More


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We watched tape of MEE from yesterday after the Close.  It was a very difficult stock.  But I heard a comment from a very bright trader that I bet is heard on other trading desks:” I don’t like scalping MEE because I can’t tell when it is going to spike 20c against me.” I know too many traders passed on … Read More


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Today on the desk I heard,”Oh that MON is so hard.” And it was at times.  In fact it was very difficult about 90 percent of the trading day.  But it was not hard.  There were three simple trades that if made would have left even the average trader profitable.  Let’s discuss. At 82.75 the offer would not lift in … Read More