The Healthy Happy Trader

BellaBella Daily Update

Justin spero

We noticed one of our developing traders on our proprietary trading desk in NYC looking crestfallen.  I asked to speak with him privately off the trading floor. Why was this trader so dejected? The trader had built signals that alerted him to a trade.  He misread the signals and took the trade short when the signals indicated long.  The trader … Read More

May Trading Insights: 10 Key Takeaways from Our Prop Desk

BellaBella Daily Update

Each month our traders meet for a monthly review with their Team.  Our floor manager, @TheOneLanceB, our head of trader development- @SMBRecruiting, and I attend and provide mentorship during these meetings, which are run by the Team leader.  Dr. Steenbarger provides invaluable feedback to traders on their monthly review, as well.  Each trader shares their key takeaways from the prior … Read More