Improve your trading this weekend with these educational videos – recap of the week of April 25, 2020

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How to become a consistently profitable traders (like you deserve to be) The giant runaway of options trades in a highly volatile market How a junior trader profitably traded a Chinese company accused of fraud by Reading the Tape The explosive Second Day Play (trading strategy) Senior Trader presents 10 adjustments he made to spark his best month ever (so … Read More

Putting a Trade Together

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Here is a checklist I use for developing an intra-day trade idea. If the answer to the first two items is YES then I continue down the list to develop a trading thesis. If NO then I don´t trade the stock. Identify if it has a strong catalyst–a strong catalyst often leads to heightened volatility (movement) which is necessary for … Read More

Some Answers on Risk/Reward, Stock Selection, and Time Frame

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Hey Mr. Spencer. I was a participant in the SMB-U webinar on Tuesday morning and I have some clarifying questions I hope you could answer. 1. You discussed the importance of only trading securities with 1/5 risk reward. I understand the concept, but I’m not sure I understand how those levels are quantified. What I thought was being said was … Read More

The Black Shirt

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There is a Green Shirt that hangs on the wall of our trading floor.  You earn the Green Shirt for posting 1m net in trading profits. And then there is the Black Shirt.  For that a firm trader must earn north of 2m in net profits. The firm challenged the trader above, a Black Shirt recipient for 2017, approximately 4 … Read More

5 Pillars of Trading Success

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These five pillars will help your trading consistency, which should be your ultimate goal. Interestingly enough, the 5 pillars of trading success have nothing to do with the actual act of trading or even analyzing markets. They involve the work that goes into developing into a trader, as well as developing as a trader. The trades you end up making … Read More

Trade your PlayBook for improved consistency

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I received this email from a trader: Hi Mike, Terrific piece yesterday on trader development. You have a wonderful way of clarifying things. Step 1. Build your playbook of trading ideas   Step 2. Become consistent trading these plays. I have come across the word “consistent” more and more frequently but have never fully grasped just how important it is. Dr. … Read More