Some Answers on Risk/Reward, Stock Selection, and Time Frame

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Hey Mr. Spencer. I was a participant in the SMB-U webinar on Tuesday morning and I have some clarifying questions I hope you could answer. 1. You discussed the importance of only trading securities with 1/5 risk reward. I understand the concept, but I’m not sure I understand how those levels are quantified. What I thought was being said was … Read More

Decoding Price Action Analysis: Understanding the Key Differences from Technical Analysis

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Technical Analysis is what you already know. Price action analysis is what you should know. Technical analysis is the study of charts. Looking at patterns with the hope that it will appear again and offer an opportunity to make money. That’s not how you make money trading. Profitable trading is about skill development. Price action analysis is truly understanding the underlying factors … Read More

Fall 2016 SMB DNA Applications Now Being Accepted

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We are very excited to announce that applications are now being taken for the Fall 2016 DNA of Successful Trading! The Spring DNA students gave outstanding feedback and we’ve implemented some huge improvements that we will be letting you know about over the next few days. The program starts in just a few weeks, so take a minute to apply … Read More

How are you planning to improve your trading in 2016?

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Wait a minute… we’ve still got another two and a half months until the end of the year, why are we talking about getting ready for next year? That’s because we believe in goal setting and proper preparation. And proper preparation is a never ending process. Top traders know how they can improve and they are thinking ahead 1 month, … Read More

Best Setups For Developing Traders

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In Monday’s webinar, Bella discussed the five trading setups that are taught to trainees when they join our desk in NYC. These trades include: Changing fundamental trades Trend Trend trade 2nd day play Technical trade Pullback trade Part of the DNA Program is learning these setups in greater detail and being exposed to critical feedback when Bella reviews these trades. no … Read More

SMB DNA Starts Soon!

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SMB DNA of Successful Trading is back on October 14th.   Watch Bella in the video below highlighting the DNA curriculum, training and value. no relevant positions

Why Some Traders Almost Always Make $$ (SMBU Webinar Rewind)

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Mike Bellafiore, Co-Founder of SMB Capital and SMBU and author of One Good Trade and The PlayBook, with Co-Founder Steve Spencer, present a trading webinar for the trading community: Why Some Traders Almost Always Make Money. Bella and Steve discuss 11 principles to become a successful and sustaining short-term trader. Goals: Why Intraday Traders Almost Always Make Money $$ Stocks … Read More