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✔ Proprietary Radar Screen

✔ Proprietary Stock Scanner

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✔ AM Meeting

✔ Midday Recap Meeting

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✔ Proprietary Radar Screen

✔ Proprietary Stock Scanner

✔ Real Time Positions

✔ AM Meeting

✔ Midday Recap Meeting

✔ Playbook Checkup Meeting

✔ Annual Discount

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About The Tools

The SMB Scanner integrates data from the Benzinga Professional real time news feed, real time quotes, earnings calendars, webcasts and a stock trading characteristics database. This is your shortcut to the best opportunities to follow throughout the day. 

The SMB Radar is a tool that we use after the open to make sure we are in the best stocks based on a series of algorithms that help you see what is in play, weak, strong, and trending. 

The Real Time Audio is hosted on SMB's custom built Virtual Trading Floor. Traders on the desk and from around the world log in each day to listen to the desk audio and watch the live positions that SMB's top equity traders are in. 

About The Mentoring 

 The AM Meeting is hosted by Steve Spencer each day before the market opens. In this meeting you receive a summary from countless hours of research that members of the desk prepare from the night before and earlier that morning. Get the stocks and levels that we will be watching for the rest of the day.

 The Midday Recap is a mentoring session broadcast live from the conference room at SMB Capital. You can listen in as traders review their morning and discuss what they will be watching into the close. 

 Playbook Checkup Presentations are given in a daily meeting at SMB where junior traders dive deep into the analyzing their trades. These presentations were developed as a best practice after seeing a high correlation between traders with excellent performance and frequent preparation of Playbook Trade Presentations. 

Learn to focus on what matters 

 To trade like a professional, you need to immerse yourself in an environment that gives you the mindset and focus to win. Fewer than 1% of applicants become traders on our desk. Trader 90 and Trader 365 give you access to the insights, ideas, and accountability of these world class traders. Follow closely and develop the mindset and focus of a professional trader. 

 See what we trade and when 

When you join Trader 90 or Trader 365, you will have access to see our live positions and hear notifications when we make a change.

 Designed to transform your habits 

Studies have shown that it takes 21 to 108 days for a habit to become second nature. Spending 90 days in our world, with our tools, and under our guidance will transform your approach to trading. You will be better at tuning out noise and finding great opportunities each day.

The tools and mentoring that our firm provides to our own traders is now available to help retail traders become more consisent.