Man I stink!

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There are four traders in our September trading class, chosen from thousands of applicants.

16 days into his trading career one our new traders wrote this review:


At the start of your career you are supposed to stink.  The path of many traders is:

1) lose too much

2) lose less

3) flat

4) slightly positive

5) consistently positive

6) bigger in your edge

7) high performing trader

All of this takes years.  High Performing Trader is a career path, not a fast track to bottles and models, and money to rain.

Inside of those seven steps above is more, much more.  Judging yourself at the start on your PnL is a mistake.

Experiment with different trades, styles, products and even expressing of ideas.

Determining what type of a trader maximizing your trading talents.

Fail. Learn. Succeed.  Make a huge deal of trades that work.  Do more of them and bigger.  Rinse and repeat.

This is how a developing professional trader, giving everything he has, with all the resources he needs to succeed feels at the start of his trading career.  If you feel this way at home or at another firm with less, I hope his comments provide you some solace for your frustration.  I hope they help provide pespective on what you should expect at the start of your trading journey.

Stealing from my son’s favorite new book, Are we there yet?, “Enjoy the journey.”

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