Taking your trading to the next level

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In a daily trader review or monthly trader review, often I find the words: “to take my trading to the next level.”  Traders wish to take their trading to the next level.   It’s almost like we could start a cult: Next Level Trading. The desire is there for most traders.  The question is the how. Most traders focus on trading … Read More

Man I stink!

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There are four traders in our September trading class, chosen from thousands of applicants. 16 days into his trading career one our new traders wrote this review: At the start of your career you are supposed to stink.  The path of many traders is: 1) lose too much 2) lose less 3) flat 4) slightly positive 5) consistently positive 6) … Read More

Here is how you trade bigger

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Hi Mike, I am quite consistent stock traders for years. I have a trading matter that needs your professional advice. I have the tendency to go ‘big’ in size when I have the profits in my account or when a particular stock that I familiar with which I had been making consistent money from it. When under this situation sometimes … Read More

Members Only Options Webinar: Alex Porcaro: Trading Iron Condors on Equities

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Your Option for a better trading life…together (SMBU Options Tribe) SMBU’s Options Tribe is an online community of options traders dedicated to sharing successful options trading ideas with all of our members worldwide.  Each Tuesday, SMBU hosts an options webinar—the Options Tribe—during which veteran options traders and experts in the world of options trading share live presentations. This week, options … Read More

Trade With The Break

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For the past few days the SPY’s were trading in a fairly tight and narrowing range.  Traders were waiting for them to breakout from their narrowing range.  Yesterday afternoon the sellers overwhelmed the buyers causing a break to the downside.  The 89 support level was broken with force.  In after hours action the SPY’s traded down an additional 2+ points.  … Read More

Hurricane Mutter

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Gustav. Hanna. Ike. What’s next? Peter? Connor? Maybe Hurricane Gilbert? Definitely maybe a Hurricane Meghan. Whatever the name, let’s take a moment to welcome hurricane season. Such a time that if not before had garnered credibility definitely has after 2005. I mean even our President takes notice now, enough so to notify the FEMA head. For us in this lovely … Read More