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In a daily trader review or monthly trader review, often I find the words: “to take my trading to the next level.”  Traders wish to take their trading to the next level.   It’s almost like we could start a cult: Next Level Trading.

The desire is there for most traders.  The question is the how.

Most traders focus on trading better in real-time to “take my trading to the next level.”  If they just execute better on a trade here and there, then their trading will be better.  If they would have just sized up on a trade, then their week would have been different.  You can feel the stress and frustration in their emails about executing better in real-time.

What if these traders are looking at their trading progress backwards?  What if this next level trading doesn’t come from their hyper-focus on real-time trading?  What if finding that next level requires a different focus?

I assert that it does.

And this report card above is a terrific first step towards changing that focus from real-time trading results to a daily improvement routine.  It relieves all that stress of executing better in real-time.  It helps you find your true goal of how good you can be.

What if you judged your day not on your PnL to reach the next level, but on whether you completed your daily improvement routine?  As I say, having “nothing special” days.  Just days where you compete a competitive daily improvement routine and sit back and enjoy the journey to wherever that leads next.

What if instead of being hard on yourself for that missed trade, you were hard on yourself in developing a competitive daily improvement routine?

Also if you make it to that next level as a trader, is that your final destination?  I would doubt it is for you.  You will want to get even better from there.  And how will you accomplish that?  Develop a daily improvement routine so you improve from this level.

Let me offer a new focus.

Why not try string together a month of “nothing special” days and watch where that takes your trading?

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