You are trading too many stocks (new traders)

You have always wanted to trade for a living.  You don’t want a boss.  You want unlimited upside with your income.  You don’t want your pay determined by office politics.  You want to be paid based on what you are worth and what you produce.  You love figuring out the daily puzzle that is the market.  You love trading. The … Read More

How you bring a better you to each trading session (to increase profits)

In this post, you will be challenged to bring a better you to each trading session to increase profits.  I will share one innovative idea a junior trader at our proprietary trading firm in NYC is using to drive his performance. And the nexus between his happiness and good trading.  Let’s dive in. SMB Virtual Happy Hour on Happiness Recently, … Read More

Improve your trading this weekend with these educational videos

How To Make Specific Adjustments to Your Trading To Succeed In High Volatility Markets Trading Tesla’s Delivery Numbers To Grow Your Trading Account Huge Options Trading Blunders: I’ll Find The Holy Grail Options Strategy And Just Trade That (ep10) Six Essential Trading Tips for the Patient Trader How A Part-time Profitable Trader Agonizingly Blew Up His Trading Account  *no relevant … Read More

When you are ready to succeed as a trader (The Good Fail)

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by SMB Capital (@smbcapital) on Feb 21, 2020 at 9:25am PST The Good Fail is a signal you are ready to succeed as a trader.  It foretells significant progress is near. What is The Good Fail?  Let me share a small win from my personal life to explain this important … Read More

Weekend learning lessons for traders from the Prop Desk – January 25, 2020

How to use a key piece of information (Institutional Ownership) when stock trading Huge Options Trading Blunders Series: Owning Long Options for “Free” (episode 2) 7 Reasons why you should NEVER exceed your stop loss (Trader Education) How Traders Use Market Manipulation To Profit ($TSLA)  The Danger To Your Trading Account Of Not Risking Enough In Your Best Stock Trading … Read More

Fail, Win, and Then Fail Some More: The Path to Becoming a Winning Trader

Part II of our training program on our prop desk in NYC is Trader Development.  There is a lot of necessary and wonderful failing that goes on during Trader Development. During this process traders experiment with different setups that we highlight. There are trading strategies worth exploration that active traders use to win. We continually point them out daily during … Read More

Win the Trading Day!

This is part 3 of our trader survey that breaks down the results from our trading community. You will be amazed at what you learn about the challenges and successes that traders in our community are having.

Why did I make this trade ($MGM)?

I made a trade in MGM today, and instantly self-talked: “Uhm, why I am in this trade?” It was not a trade that I trade well. It is not a trade that fits my personality. It is not a trade that extenuates my strengths. Why? Why? Why? We make progress as traders when we stop making trades that do not … Read More