How Focusing on Doing the Right Thing Helped This Trader

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As a trader our job is to do the right thing.  Below is an example of a developing trader who saw improvement by embracing this mindset.


Since today was the last trading day of the month, I decided to briefly explain my progress during October. I took a lot of notes during this month, and found some bad habits I had from my previous experience. Before, I was too focused on P&L, and when I had a strong morning I would not be willing to take risks at the afternoon (some days I would not trade at all).


For the last two weeks I have being working to overcome this bad habit, and today was my best technical day yet. Now I am more focused on doing the right thing, rather than finishing the day in the green. I also realized, opposed to what I thought previously, my problem was not overtrading but the initial mistake that would start a chain reaction (which would lead me to overtrading).

My best take away here was that there is a crucial difference between making mistakes and having a problem. Making a mistake is doing the right thing wrong (you only need practice to fix it). While having a problem is not being aware of a bad habit that if at first glance is not preventing success, it will be very harmful in the long-run.

This month I improved a lot, and I need to thank your book One Good Trade.

Thanks for the support.

How do you define “doing the right thing” for your trading?  And does this help?

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You can be better tomorrow than you are today!

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  1. Staying true to your system no matter what’s going on in your emotions or in the markets. Probably the hardest thing to do in my opinion.

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