Do We Really Need Rules?

At SMBU we believe those with a passion for trading ought to start trading in college. We created the SMB College Training Program run by Iceman from The PlayBook for this very reason. Jake is a passionate college trader trying to create a track record while in school to land a spot on a prop trading desk. He will write a weekly blog about … Read More

This Trader is Ready to Trade Live

Bella,  I am a huge fan of One Good Trade. Currently, I am wrapping up The Playbook. My friend and mentor put me onto One Good Trade after I had expressed interest several months ago in trading, and I have fallen in love with the profession. My desire is to become an intraday trader, but I want to go about … Read More

What are Your Trading Goals for 2014? Share Them Here

Happy New Year! An exercise we ask all of our prop traders in NYC to complete at this time of the year is: Trading Goals for 2014. And then our prop traders will work with their mentors on a plan to achieve these goals. At SMBU, we would love to hear from you about your trading goals for 2014 and … Read More

Should You Develop Process AND Performance Goals for 2014?

Hello Mike, I hope you have had a happy holiday and great end of the year since last time I saw you in Phoenix earlier this year. I have been working on creating 2014 goals for my portfolio but I ran into a problem that maybe you can advise on. The main goals consist of having certain % returns or … Read More

Chairman Bella Says This is a Strange and Opportunistic Market

Mike Bellafiore, author of The PlayBook and One Good Trade, served as Chairman to The Trading Show New York. Bella was asked to outline his views on this market. His take? This a strange market—and a market of opportunity, opportunity, opportunity. See his PowerPoint presentation below as Chairman to learn why and to prepare for trading in 2014. You can be … Read More

A Message from Trading Coach Bella

Mike Bellafiore, author of One Good Trade and The PlayBook, signed the book you see below for a winner of the BigMikeTrading Contest. Ten winners received signed copies of Bella’s new book The PlayBook, which has been received quite well by the trading community. If you missed this webinar you can watch a replay here. We hope you enjoy it! The SMBU … Read More

Breaking Through as a Trader

Hi Mike, Firstly, I just want to say thank you for your Webinar yesterday for the Big Mike Forum. I’m sure you’re ridiculously busy, but if you have a moment to answer one question, I would greatly appreciate it. You mentioned an SMB trader that needed to take a break in the summer and was able to turn things around … Read More