Bad Habits Within Good Habits

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Special Guest Post from my mentee SW

After reviewing today’s work, I found myself in a situation where I tend to initiate trades with “bad habits within good habits”, which defeats the purpose of having good habits.


What does that mean? In terms of having good habits, I tend to set alerts at great prices and levels which provide excellent R/R entries. However, in terms of bad habits, my mind is so occupied in the direction when buying pullbacks and shorting pops.

In combination, “bad habits within good habits” means entering position at excellent R/R entries when the trend has already reversed.

Let’s take KR into example for a trade I made today (see attachment).

As demonstrated in KR, I wrote this in my journal:

Don’t short after intraday reversal. Held offer in the morning doesn’t mean it will hold again in the afternoon. If price gets there again, it’s probably not weak anymore. Rather, look for a failure of that price for a safer, easier short.

Having good habits is great for trading, but having bad habits within good habits can make trading so much harder. This must be remembered.

You can be better tomorrow than you are today!

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3 Comments on “Bad Habits Within Good Habits”

  1. the devil is in the details and price is a very important detail. review your annotations again but closely this time.

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