Trading lesson learned from a large loss

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I am proud of a trader on our desk. He got stopped out in FNSR.  In a trade that he should not have made.  The trade is too fast for him. (Learn more about trading edge in this video.) He violated his stop loss. He got caught like a deer in headlights as the trade went against him. That is … Read More

You cannot do this and be a successful trader

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Last Friday as I was walking off our trading floor, a beaming SMBU student yelped at me, “Bella I could hug you after today.”  He was very pleased with the progress he had made as a trader. Fast forward to today and that same trader caught me hitting the elevator for my walk home.  I asked him how trading went … Read More

There is another way to a higher PnL

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In this blog post, I will challenge you to find another way to a higher PnL.  We will use a trade review from a conscientious trader to teach  this principle. This is a common mistake of stunted thinking made by developing traders. It is one where human nature leads us against our self-interest. If you can learn to think differently … Read More

SMBU Trading Conversations – Episode 1

smbcapitalFree Daily Trading Video

Merritt Black and Andrew Falde hosted the first ever “SMBU Trading Conversations” web event. Learn about the edges that professional traders focus on, why a high win-rate should be your least important trading goal, and some strategic trading ideas that you have never heard before. Enjoy the replay! * no relevant positions

How to trade bigger

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In our recent survey we asked you for lesson ideas to include in SMBU Premium 2016. Many of your responses included topics related trading size, trading bigger, and questions like “how do I trade bigger?” Here’s the short answer: Identify your trading strengths Trade your best setups more often and with larger size as I wrote in The PlayBook Trade … Read More

Help Us Develop SMBU Premium 2016 For You

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2015 was the first year for SMBU Premium and it was great. Traders around the world learned lessons that were presented systematically while using examples from the current market throughout the year. The scheduled progression of topics was a great way for traders to learn layer by layer. This gave our students a chance to incrementally implement each lesson into … Read More