SMBU Earnings Season: In-House! (Nov 5-7)

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Every three months there is an amazing trading opportunity, our trading Super Bowl, for those prepared. Earnings season provides greater opportunities for outsized trading profits for those in the Right Stocks And in the Right Setups And with the Right Process. Those unsatisfied with their results during earnings season must improve on these aspects of their trading game. You can! … Read More

Why Some Traders Almost Always Make $$ (SMBU Webinar Rewind)

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Mike Bellafiore, Co-Founder of SMB Capital and SMBU and author of One Good Trade and The PlayBook, with Co-Founder Steve Spencer, present a trading webinar for the trading community: Why Some Traders Almost Always Make Money. Bella and Steve discuss 11 principles to become a successful and sustaining short-term trader. Goals: Why Intraday Traders Almost Always Make Money $$ Stocks … Read More

Mobile Trading: It’s Easy! (Start Running Now)

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A forex broker actually sent me this message, I added the part in parenthesis.  Now, after reading this statement, what comes to mind? Are you imagining pressing some buttons on your smart phone from the 18th hole (I’m writing like I know something about golf) and smiling because you just made a thousand? Sounds nice right?  Many forex brokers today … Read More