Don’t Chase….Here’s What Will Happen (SMBU Daily Video)

This SMBU Daily Video teaches a lesson on equities trading and is given by Steve Spencer, Managing Partner at SMB. From this video you will learn: If you continue to chase stocks, eventually you will get burned. Pro traders can get away with chasing sometimes. It takes 5 good trades to make up for one poor chase. We hope this … Read More

Things Have Certainly Changed (SMBU Daily Video)

This is our human interest video of the month. In this video I explain how I got started as a trader and what it was like when I first began. Things have certainly changed… I also discuss starting SMB and how we have adapted, changed and evolved as a firm. I hope you find it interesting. Enjoy our SMBU Daily … Read More

When to be Hard on Yourself as a Trader (SMBU Daily Video)

In this video, I outline one of our best trades of the month in $GENE, and more importantly, what we needed to learn after that huge trade. And I question why many traders are so hard on themselves when they are stopped out on a losing trade. It can sound like this after one of these losses: “How could I … Read More

SMBU Snowstorm Webinar: Monday January 26th at 4:30PM EST

Join Steve Spencer and me Monday January 26th at 4:30PM EST for a snowstorm webinar.  Sign up here. Yes as the east coast is about to get 2 feet of snow Steve and I will be bearing the conditions to present a webinar for the trading community.  We are calling it: How to Transform Your Trading Habits, Skills and Results … Read More

Become a Better Trader with SMBU Premium (Starting Thursday)

SMBU Premium begins this Thursday.  This is an exclusive 12 webinar learning lecture series presented by SMB designed to help you improve your trading in 2015. Please join SMBU Premium to gain access to this Thursday’s event.  It is only for members. The webinar this week is: The PlayBook Checkup with Bella: An Inside Look Into SMB’s Mentoring (Thursday) Watch … Read More

SMBU Earnings Season: In-House! (Nov 5-7)

Every three months there is an amazing trading opportunity, our trading Super Bowl, for those prepared. Earnings season provides greater opportunities for outsized trading profits for those in the Right Stocks And in the Right Setups And with the Right Process. Those unsatisfied with their results during earnings season must improve on these aspects of their trading game. You can! … Read More

Solving 5 Common Trading Problems (SMB Webinar Replay)

Last night, Steve and Bella presented solutions to 5 common trading problems that many traders face on a daily basis. These problems were chosen from a survey completed by those in the SMB trading community. We hope you enjoy the video below.     Download the Survey Results Here! – SMBU Team *no relevant positions