When to be Hard on Yourself as a Trader (SMBU Daily Video)

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In this video, I outline one of our best trades of the month in $GENE, and more importantly, what we needed to learn after that huge trade.

And I question why many traders are so hard on themselves when they are stopped out on a losing trade.

It can sound like this after one of these losses:

  • “How could I be so stupid!”
  • “I am never trading this stock again!”
  • “Expletive deleted (followed by) expletive deleted (with another) expletive deleted.”

You get the idea.

Professional traders think differently, as I explain in this video.

The stop outs are inevitable. Leaving money on the table with their best set ups drives them crazy. (Perhaps like today in AAPL for you?) Pro traders next obsess about how they could have made more responsibly. Perhaps you should as well.

Enjoy our SMBU Daily Video!



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