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In our recent survey we asked you for lesson ideas to include in SMBU Premium 2016. Many of your responses included topics related trading size, trading bigger, and questions like “how do I trade bigger?”

Here’s the short answer:

  1. Identify your trading strengths
  2. Trade your best setups more often and with larger size as I wrote in The PlayBook
  3. Trade incrementally bigger

Our desk made a huge trade this month in a stock that was overbought.  I messaged a senior trader to congratulate him for his win.  He responded, “That will be a one million dollar trade in a few years.”  Notice how he said “a few years.”  Pro traders trade from their strengths and incrementally get bigger so they sustain. They can also identify the specific trades with enough edge to do so.

SMBU Premium will spend one month with a focus on helping you train to trade bigger.

Learn more about SMBU Premium and join our elite trading community now.  

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  1. I’m trading only for 1,5 years. I’m trading small yet, but one question that i always think about is… how big a retail trader can be? There’s a point where the market go against you to stop your positions? It is possible trade as a small price maker, moving the prices with your size? Or only as a price taker…

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