Trading bigger is much easier than trading with edge

Trading bigger is much easier than trading with edge. I am working with a developing trader, nearing 15 months of live trading.  He is starting to trade with edge. I am seeing 3/5 days of trading profitably. I am noticing in his reviews a specificity of setups that he is trading.  He is not trading for stocks to finish higher … Read More

How to trade bigger

In our recent survey we asked you for lesson ideas to include in SMBU Premium 2016. Many of your responses included topics related trading size, trading bigger, and questions like “how do I trade bigger?” Here’s the short answer: Identify your trading strengths Trade your best setups more often and with larger size as I wrote in The PlayBook Trade … Read More

A lesson on trading bigger

  Our firm made a large trade this month in a stock overbought.  I was waiting and waiting and waiting for one of our senior traders to close his trade and offer congratulations.  The trade kept working and working and working so it took him days to finally close out. The discussion afterwards proves constructive to those seeking to trade … Read More

A Bigger Move For AAPL Tomorrow?

AAPL has treated me fairly well the past two days. Yesterday it dropped to my dream buy price of 204. I was able to capture the move back up to 209. This morning I tweeted our best AM Idea was to buy AAPL on a pullback to the 209 level. Many traders on the desk took advantage of this opportunity. … Read More