Weekend learnings lessons from our trading desk

The weekend is an opportunity to improve as a trader, so let’s get to that with some ideas for you, The quote stuck in my head, repeated often on the desk to our traders, and that can help you is: “Effective best practices turned into habit will drive your trading progress in 2019!”- Mike Bellafiore, SMB Capital Here is a … Read More

SMB Capital is coming to Australia to meet with traders

I will be in Sydney, Australia 1/20-1/27 visiting trading firms, traders, attending the Australian Open (pumped!), presenting at an event with Chat With Traders, and visiting with friends. Chat With Traders has put together an *awesome* event for traders (see below), where I am a special guest, along with Australian equities traders Austin Mitchum and Bryce Edwards. You can buy … Read More

An idea to improve your trading network and trading

I work with a strong trader, outside of SMB, who needed some help with one area of trading.  I recognized the area where this trader could improve and pointed it out.  What happened next can help all of our trading. While I certainly could have gone into how this strong trader could improve in this one area, I thought of … Read More

How do I get hired as a trader?

Hi Mike! Firstly – a big thanks for all you do to give back to the trading community. Your books, videos, and podcast appearances have been a great inspiration and also awesome learning opportunities. A bit of background, I have been trading full time for the past 3 years, at a prop firm and hedge fund (edited). In March, this … Read More

Weekend learning from SMB with trade setups working on the desk

We produce videos and blog posts to contribute to the trading community.  Here is some of the best learning shared by us of late to perhaps help you and worthy for study and review this weekend. The One Trade that can make your trading career How to trade the open How to become a consistently profitable trader and a setup … Read More

Weekend learning for traders from the prop desk

Links to help you improve as a trader The path and setup with edge that helped one firm trader gain his confidence The path and trading setup to help you become a consistently profitable trader Become a pattern recognition machine How to buy a stock that is oversold The trading technique to improve results for a top day trader *no … Read More

The trading technique to improve results for a top day trader

In this post, I will teach a trading technique to help you make more, increase your enjoyment and lower stress during each trading session. Have you ever sat there as a trader working longer, fighting harder and with worsening results?  Would you like to learn a trading technique employed by our firm to solve this problem? An experienced 7-figure trader, … Read More