SMB Capital in Australia: Connecting with Traders Down Under

BellaBella Daily Update

I will be in Sydney, Australia 1/20-1/27 visiting trading firms, traders, attending the Australian Open (pumped!), presenting at an event with Chat With Traders, and visiting with friends.

Chat With Traders has put together an *awesome* event for traders (see below), where I am a special guest, along with Australian equities traders Austin Mitchum and Bryce Edwards.

You can buy tickets for the event here.

I wrote end of year that actively working to expand my trading network by coaching select seven-figure traders outside the firm was perhaps my best decision of 2018.  I would not be taking this learning adventure if not for that.  Phil Knight, Co-Founder of Nike, wrote in Shoe Dogs, “Grow or die!”  Our firm outperformed in 2017 and met our PnL target in 2018 by September, but we must grow and improve.  Never stay still.

I am *really* looking forward to seeing my friend Mark Zagora of Star Beta and Don Di Vincenzo and the work they are doing particularly in the Cryptocurrency space.  They operate one of the largest trading desks in the world in this sector.

I will connect with other some trading firms when in town, that will remain private.

Austin, Bryce and I will be attending the semis of the Australian Open in Melbourne!

I am going to try and connect with @AsennaWealth when we are in Melbourne for the Open.

Several retail and independent and other traders in Australia have reached out to meet one-on-one with me during my stay and we have made plans.  Please reach out if  you would like to meet up during my stay- [email protected].

I will do my best to share what I learn during the trip on this blog and Twitter.  As well as share pictures on Instagram of the fun.

*no relevant positions