Weekend learnings lessons from our trading desk

BellaBella Daily Update

The weekend is an opportunity to improve as a trader, so let’s get to that with some ideas for you,

The quote stuck in my head, repeated often on the desk to our traders, and that can help you is:

“Effective best practices turned into habit will drive your trading progress in 2019!”- Mike Bellafiore, SMB Capital

Here is a video I shot this week: A trade you can learn to trade daily- an example from ROKU

In this video, I coach a trader from our desk by reviewing a trade in detail: A sneak peak of me coaching a trader to make better trade decisions.

In this video, see our futures desk share a terrific trade opportunity with outsized risk.

I share my thoughts in this video on: What I did better as a trading coach/mentor in 2018 that can help your trading

Check out this video: How to make a market play in $SPY.

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