An idea to improve your trading network and trading

BellaBella Daily Update

I work with a strong trader, outside of SMB, who needed some help with one area of trading.  I recognized the area where this trader could improve and pointed it out.  What happened next can help all of our trading.

While I certainly could have gone into how this strong trader could improve in this one area, I thought of another trader, with whom I also work, who would be a much better resource on this area of trading than me.  And I connected them to each other.

Fast forward and now these traders are sorting out how to learn more from each other on a daily basis.  Specifically, they will share a Daily Report Card with each other.  This strikes me as a most effective way to grow your trading.

How many experienced traders share their trading journal or Daily Report Card with another experienced trader seeking feedback?  If not, why not?

Often traders are taught to network to improve their trading.  Go meet so and so.  Get on the phone and talk to so and so.  That is an excellent way to improve.  But it can be time-consuming.  And it lacks the ability to be as specific as two traders sharing the nuances about a trade they both were in.

  • What were you doing when it hit the wires that TSLA had hired a banker?
  • What were you doing when Citron chirped about CVSI?
  • Did you have short locates when the CVSI news hit the tape and from where?
  • Did you buy the double bottom in TWTR after earnings?
  • You catch the KSS breakout trade above 80 that failed?
  • How did the breakout trade in ROKU work for  you and where did you get bigger?

Specific. Specific. Specific.  Specific sharing of trading from veteran trader to veteran trader can jumpstart progress.   This is a form of trader networking that strikes me as very powerful and underutilized.

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