Add value to grow your trading network

Yesterday a trader asked me to share his email address and suggest to some traders I know to reach out to him. I declined.  I didn’t know this trader.  I didn’t know if this trader would add value to the trading of my friends.  I couldn’t recommend him to my friends. The trader shot back a disappointed email, which bothered … Read More

How do I get a job at a proprietary trading firm?

Hey Mr. Bellafiore,  … I am about to go off to college at the university of Oregon. I’ve been trading for 1 year now and even though I am not yet consistently profitable, I am getting closer and closer to that goal through the help of your two books and SMB’s videos on YouTube.  One of the best things I’ve … Read More

An idea to improve your trading network and trading

I work with a strong trader, outside of SMB, who needed some help with one area of trading.  I recognized the area where this trader could improve and pointed it out.  What happened next can help all of our trading. While I certainly could have gone into how this strong trader could improve in this one area, I thought of … Read More

How do I get hired as a trader?

Hi Mike! Firstly – a big thanks for all you do to give back to the trading community. Your books, videos, and podcast appearances have been a great inspiration and also awesome learning opportunities. A bit of background, I have been trading full time for the past 3 years, at a prop firm and hedge fund (edited). In March, this … Read More

This trader wants it all and wants it now

Hi Mike, I hope you are doing well. I am reaching out to you because I am struggling a bit, having kind of a rough month so far. After having brought my monthly p/l back to break-even on good momentum the day before yesterday, I had a ytd top 3 loss yesterday: 1.5% of my trading equity or ~23k €. … Read More

How do I start the trading day green?

A trader wrote to me seeking feedback on a trading problem he was having. Question to @MikeBellafiore … I noticed, that on most of my days I start in the red. The first couple of trades are usually losses and often I reach my set daily max loss before starting to see profits. What surprises me most, I usually recover … Read More

Two different paths to improved trading consistency

I have observed two different paths to improved trading consistency for active traders. Camp 1- Positive on most trading sessions, with minimal drawdowns relative to profitability Camp 2- Middling around, controlling risk, and then catching largely profitable trades Most traders fall into Camp 1 of daily and systematically churning out profits.  They keep their risk low.  Their gains are more … Read More