We want to believe you can become a 7-figure trader

Good Evening Mike, I know you’re busy so I will keep this short. I have dreamed of trading for SMB capital since I was a Sophomore in college about 7 years ago. I am a retail trader who mainly focuses on option spreads and asymmetric return trades by way of LEAP options, but I want to apply and make the … Read More

The formula for how to become a 7-figure trader (Chat with Traders Podcast)

Here is a link to my recent Chat with Traders podcast with Aaron Fifield. Aaron gives our follow up chat together the title: The formula for how to become a 7-figure trader. @Maoxian does a solid job providing notes of the podcast here. I love the @DGillies tweet after his listen: That podcast gave me hope. My expectations are now … Read More

The gift of learning during a trading session

In Dr. Steenbarger’s terrific post he reminds us that each trading session is a gift to learn.  He wrote, “Every day of trading provides a day’s worth of review and learning.” I shared a lesson I learned while trading $MTCH today in this video review.  This was a lesson learned after a trading loss after a high conviction trade.  Arrogant trades … Read More

How do I receive an internship opportunity at your prop trading firm?

I received this note from a trader in our community: My name is Austin B. Thank you so much for providing your email on the “SMB Capital College Traders Talk At Pace University” YouTube video! I know your time is limited and valuable, so I will be short and brief! Me * Graduating High School Senior * Majoring in Finance … Read More

Expressing your unique voice in markets as a trader

A reader reached out and asked: (Edited) here from South Africa and I want to enquire about your current outlook on the tech sector and how you feel about the huge movements since the year has started? I am a Equity and options trader From South Africa, and you have done more than just change my life. I am a … Read More