Revealing the Formula for Becoming a 7-Figure Trader (Chat with Traders Podcast)

BellaBella Daily Update

Here is a link to my recent Chat with Traders podcast with Aaron Fifield. Aaron gives our follow up chat together the title: The formula for how to become a 7-figure trader.

@Maoxian does a solid job providing notes of the podcast here.

I love the @DGillies tweet after his listen:

That podcast gave me hope. My expectations are now in alignment with reality.

Posting a Daily Report Card online, role modeled by @AustinMitchyblu, is gaining traction with traders like @Doy5Trades:

Listened to @chatwithtraders interview w/ @MikeBellafiore

Love the idea of the report card. Going to be doing this going forward. Great interview 👍

I am grateful that the podcast has offered value to the trading community for traders like @ScottMacks:

No setups, no entries, no methodology, but gold throughout. Don’t pass up these vital points:

Heck listen to it a few times like @FunTechalyst suggests:

Thanks very much. Certainly a highly valuable interview. Mike providing a great practical tips to develop and grow as a trader. Must listen to few time while making notes on the way…..
Thanks Mike 🙂

Chat with Traders has become a wonderful resource to the trading community.  I appreciate the opportunity to share some of our work at SMB.

*no relevant positions

*I am away this week in Disney World with family.  Trade well.