Two different paths to improved trading consistency

I have observed two different paths to improved trading consistency for active traders. Camp 1- Positive on most trading sessions, with minimal drawdowns relative to profitability Camp 2- Middling around, controlling risk, and then catching largely profitable trades Most traders fall into Camp 1 of daily and systematically churning out profits.  They keep their risk low.  Their gains are more … Read More

How to think about Reading the Tape

I received this question from an SMB DNA Student on Tape Reading and will answer in this blog post. Bella, I am working on documenting what I should be looking on the Tape and came up with a list after reading your 2 books (some of them are the same observation). My first question is whether I miss something:           Also, … Read More

Weekend learning lessons for traders from SMB

Working on your trading game during the weekend is a terrific way to improve. Here is the best from SMB this week, filled with learning lessons, to help your trading. A trade that few retail and independent traders know about but that most pros profit on These are three things that could help 7 values for your trading career A … Read More

This is trading discipline

A junior trader at the firm has found trading discipline.  Do you agree?  He wrote: Overall thoughts: Implementing a new rule today of sitting on my hands until 10am. It felt pretty strange missing out on the action on the open especially on ROKU, but I made this new rule for a greater purpose because I am a disciplined trader now. It … Read More

This is what a *very* promising developing trader looks like

I am going to share what a *very* promising developing traders looks like.  I will do so by sharing his Daily Report Card.  Notice how he judges his trading, thinks about his trading, is working on the right things, and is intensive in his efforts.  This is a trader to copy if you are a new and developing trader. His … Read More

Weekend learning for traders from the prop desk

Links to help you improve as a trader The path and setup with edge that helped one firm trader gain his confidence The path and trading setup to help you become a consistently profitable trader Become a pattern recognition machine How to buy a stock that is oversold The trading technique to improve results for a top day trader *no … Read More

Notes from our desk’s discussion with visiting trader Alex Temiz

Alex Temiz, @AT09_Trader , visited SMB for an informal Q&A. Joseph Gelb, interning with us from Princeton, produced these notes for the trading community of our desk’s discussion with Alex. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do now? -Alex is 23 and has been trading for a little more than four and a half years. -“The … Read More