Expressing your unique voice in markets as a trader

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A reader reached out and asked: (Edited) here from South Africa and I want to enquire about your current outlook on the tech sector and how you feel about the huge movements since the year has started? I am a Equity and options trader From South Africa, and you have done more than just change my life. I am a … Read More

One trader is failing because of this says him

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I was talking to a struggling developing trader, presently at a trading arcade, who was looking for a new home because of a lack of mentoring.  He understood that at his trading arcade (trader places a risk deposit for first losses and firm provides leverage) it was not their business model to extend mentoring and coaching. *There are other trading … Read More

The developing hybrid trader in action

BellaBella Daily Update

One developing trader at our firm is not viewing his trading future only as a discretionary trader, but as a hybrid trader.  A hybrid trader uses technology to make better trade decisions, and pulls money out of the market as a discretionary trader, discretionary trader armed with tools to make better trade decisions, and with automated models. Here is that … Read More